Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Father and Child Cosplay Contest at Uptown Mall BGC Father’s Day and Toycon Launch

Father and Child Cosplay Contest
June 18, 2017
at 4PM in Uptown Mall BGC


1. Cosplay Competition registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up begins as early as the gates open and closes at the discretion of the cosplay committee.

2. OPEN-CATEGORY COMPETITION – Anime, Manga, Games, Comics, Western Comics, TV Characters are all allowed in the competition.

3. Only a FATHER AND CHILD PAIRING are allowed to join the competition.

4. The Cosplay Competition as well as the convention is usually rated PG-15, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use material that exceeds this rating.

5. Nudity is not allowed in skits or in the Cosplay Competition. Anime Alliance Philippines also discourages highly revealing costumes that don’t cover over PG-15 rating parts of the body.

6. Registration form must be filled out in eligible and printed form. All details such as Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Mailing Address and Birthdate must be provided. Any information written on the registration form will not be passed onto any third parties.

7. Upon registration, the competitor must declare which category he/she will be competing in and it is strongly recommended that you provide a hard copy image of the character you are cosplaying on the event. We also recommend in providing a soft copy of your character.

|8. All participants must be ready in costume in the Cosplayer’s Area at this time or you will not be eligible to enter the competition.

9. The event’s staff and volunteers up to 2nd degree of consanguinity cannot participate in the Cosplay Competition.

10.All weapons must comply to Anime Alliance Weapons and Props Policy. No authentic and/or metal and/or explosive weapons and/or objects deemed unsafe by the Cosplay
Committee will be allowed to enter the events. Anyone found with any objects such as these will have them confiscated and they will be returned at the end of the event. If the situations warrants, the person, may be removed from the premises and the authorities will be notified.


Always double-check with our cosplay relations desk to be sure. NEVER ASSUME.

ALL PROPS AND WEAPONS MUST BE PRESENTED TO OUR STAFF AT THE COSPLAY REGISTRATION DESK UPON REGISTRATION OR ENTERING THE VENUE. Failure to present weapons, even seemingly harmless ones, may result in your entry being removed; disqualification and you may even be escorted out of the event premises

After registration, For personal BGM in catwalk you must give your data in burned CD format with .mp3, .wav, .flac, .wma or any format that Windows Media Player may recognize.
Anime Alliance is not liable for any malfunction of BGM during catwalk. Double check your files/CD before giving. you must have a backup copy for any failure during submission of entries.
(We will not receive any other media devices except burned CD for security purposes.)

Unless otherwise stated, Anime Alliance Public Safety and Security Liaisons Group are implementing the following restrictions to prevent accidents and preserve the safety of both participants and event goers.

Each judge in the Cosplay Competition can award 10 points (35%) for costume, 10 points (35%) for performance, 5 points (15%) for faithfulness to the original work, and 5 points (15%) in relevance to the event theme*, for a maximum total of 30 (100%) points.

 Performance (10 points or 35%)
 Interpretation, inventiveness, entertainment value, level of performance.

 Costume (10 points or 35%)
Production execution, how faithful it is to the original character’s or how embellished it is with ideas.

 Fidelity to the Original Work (5 points or 15%)
 How close is the performance content to the original story and characters; how much respect is shown to the original work.

 Audience Impact (5 points or 15%)*
 How close does the stage performance reflect on the event’s theme.
*Relevance to the event’s theme may be replaced with “Audience Impact” if the event has no theme, or when the criteria are not applicable for the event.

Subject to change without prior notice.

If you have any issues with these rules and guidelines or any inquiries please address them to the Anime Alliance Cosplay Interaction and Development Group at Any concerns of mismanagement, unfairness, corruption, cheating or other issues that may involve our staff, judges and/or participants of any third parties and Anime Alliance, please contact the Operations Manager at While every effort is being made to make everything here accurate at the time of publication, information here is subject to change without prior notice.


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