Monday, May 29, 2017

1/6 Custom Figure Contest by POSK


Rules :
1) Maximum of 2 entries per participant
2) Contest will be held during 01 July 2017, Saturday at Toycon Venue
3) Entries will be received from 11am upto 2pm of 01 July 2017 only
Exact drop-off point to be announced soon
4) Upon submission of entries, contestants are required to fill up a form containing the ff:
a) Name of Customizer
b) Contact number of customizer
c) Facebook account name of customizer
5) Any character of any genre can be submitted for the contest.
6) Entries must at least have the following articulation to qualify as a 1/6 figure :
a) Head movement
b) Arms movement
c) Legs movement
d) Waist movement
e) Elbows OR knees
Judges will test the articulation of the figure during judging.
Don’t worry, we will advise them not to push / play the figure to its limits.
7) Normal, Dynamic or custom made stands are acceptable provided that they do not occupy more than 5 x 5 inch of space.
Companions like pets, dragons, robots etc. / vehicles or dioramas are allowed as long as they are do not exceed the 5 x 5 inch of space allotted per entry.
9) Three ( 3 ) winners will be chosen and awarding will be held at exactly 6:00 pm of the same day
10) Contestants should be present or his/her authorized representative to pull-out their custom figure after the awarding ceremony.
11) Points/judging system will be announced soon.
12) There will be a total of three ( 3 ) judges for the contest.
13) POSK Admins are NOT allowed to join the contest.
14) Contest is open to all 1/6 scale enthusiasts.

May the POSK be with you


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