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CosFanX 2016 Cosplay Tournament Rules and Guidelines (MANILA LEG)

1.1 CosFanX 2016 has TWO (2) categories: INDIVIDUAL and GROUP (2-5 members).

1.2 Competition is OPEN CATEGORY – not limited to Japanese-culture cosplay.

1.3 CosFanX as well as the convention is rated PG-15. Any material that exceeds this rating is subject for approval and/or disqualification. Please refer to the series' respective ratings as basis. - Proof of rating based from MTRCB, MPAA and/or EIRIN(Japan) must be submitted if requested.

1.4 All participants at the age of sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) must obtain a PARENTAL CONSENT form during the registration process. Failure to comply may result to disqualification.
Fifteen (15) and below are NOT allowed to participate in this competition.

1.5 Only citizens of the Republic of the Philippines are eligible to participate.
- Philippine permanent residents (Alien Resident Card holders) are allowed to participate.
- Officials may request a proof of your nationality when in doubt.

1.6 Amateur and professional models are allowed to participate in the competition. Judging will be based fairly with the rest of the contestants. Special acclamations and previous achievements are not taken into consideration.

1.7 If you need to cancel your entry, you need to give at least a 24-hour notice before the competition. This is considered an automatic disqualification.

1.8 Some information from your registration form will be used for PRESS. Your real name and all personal information will be kept private unless authorized.

1.9 Images/footages of cosplayers, photographs, program broadcast, internet homepages, etc. come under the jurisdiction of the ToyCon Philippines, Pop Life Entertainment Ltd, FanXperience, Anime Alliance Philippines and respective owners of the media taken. There is no compensation.

1.10 If you are part of the winning team, you must have an active Philippine Passport (foreign passport for alien residents) by November 1, 2016. Passports must not reach the prior 6-month expiration restriction up until the participant’s return to the Philippines. Failure to comply may forfeit your title.


Participants should cooperate in a positive manner. It is imperative that everyone respects each other before, during and after the competition. Carry yourself as an ambassador to your country.


2. PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION PROCESS2.1 All participants must fill up the REGISTRATION FORM provided. Print the forms in a letter size bond paper (8.5” x 11”) ONLY.

2.2 PRE-REGISTRATION IS OPEN to all aspiring contestants runs from May 18, 2016 to June 8, 2016. ON-SITE Registration is allowed (Please refer to 2.6)

2.3 The form must also be sent online to animeallianceph@gmail.com for initial verification. Verified forms will be given an invite which you will need to check-in with our registration team. Make sure to print the invite along with a hard copy of your REGISTRATION FORM- All invites are for registration approval only. You are still required to check-in with our Cosplay Inspections Team.

2.4 All participants are required to bring the filled up forms together with valid identification (preferably passports), and all required documentation collaterals (e.g. photographs) upon registration on-site.

2.5 It is REQUIRED that you provide a hard copy image of the character you are cosplaying on the event. If you do not have a reference picture of your character, it may inflict point deductions if unable to produce upon registration

2.6 Participants who wish to register on-site and does NOT have an invite may check-in at our STAND-BY list.
- The STAND-BY List does not guarantee a spot for anyone who wishes to register on-site
- This list is under the discretion of the Cosplay Relations Manager on-site and shall clear stand-by participants on a first-come first-serve basis.
- All participants on the Stand-by list have to have all necessary requirements.

2.7 Grand winners must be able to travel to Thailand at least for ONE (1) week on the dated schedule of the CosFanX Finals for 2016.

2.8 All competitions are OPEN TO ALL REGIONS regardless of location

2.10 Participants can only register in ONE (1) category.

2.11 Participants MUST DECLARE ALL HANDHELD and STAGE PROPS UPON REGISTRATION. All props must adhere to SECTION 3 of these guidelines foremost and also the Weapons and Props Policy of Anime Alliance’s Public Safety and Security Group.

2.12 Participants MUST DECLARE ALL MODIFICATIONS (due to transport) and PROBABLE ADJUSTMENTS of their costume upon inspection. An undeclared modification is subject for demerit. Excessive modifications may lead to an automatic disqualification.

2.13 Costume transformation (within performances) must be declared.
- If costume changes into another form, the final form of your costume must be presented upon inspection.

2.14 Regardless of rule 2.12, if our management suspects the costume to be over the weight restriction, we reserve the right to weigh the costume of the participant on-site.

2.15 All bags entering the restricted area are subject to inspection. After clearing inspections, they are to deposit their bags immediately at the baggage counter within the restricted area. No participant and backstage helper are allowed to carry their bags within the cosplayer’s area.

2.16 Once the participants have cleared the inspection process and have been successfully registered, they are prohibited from leaving the Cosplayer’s Area.
- Before finalizing the registration process, participants will be asked by our inspectors and inform them that exiting the area is not allowed.
- Participants must be fully prepared in all aspects before registering and completing the inspection process.
- Allowing participants to leave the premises under extreme conditions will be under the discretion of the Cosplay Relations Manager and shall be escorted by our liaisons officers to ensure that the costume is in-tact as inspected.
- Tampering of inspection stickers/marks is subject to immediate disqualification.

3. PARTICIPANT COSTUME AND PROPS RULES (These guidelines supersedes our standard weapons and props policy)
3.1 For box/cube and irregular sizes: Length/Height: 2,100 millimeters Depth: 900 millimeters

3.2 For cylindrical props: (e.g. poles, staff, and scythes)
Radius: 6 centimeters or approx. 2.3 inches Height: 2,100 millimeters

3.3 All equipment, costumes and props are limited to a maximum weight of 20 KILOGRAMS per PERSON. - GROUP COSPLAY PARTICIPANTS may have a collective weight of 40 kilograms if there are 2 members and so on.

3.4 All large props on stage are limited to a maximum of 3 items. Weight of these props are included in the overall 20-kilogram limit. Stage prop dimensions MUST NOT exceed 2100MM in height and width and 900MM in depth.

3.5 ALL COSTUMES MUST BE HAND MADE – Store bought costumes are not allowed.

3.6 Human props and/or “Stage Ninjas” are NOT allowed for this competition

3.7 Arrangements of stage props must be requested during evaluation and registration process for a timely setup. Organizers reserves the right to refuse any stage set-up that has not been coordinated beforehand to adhere with strict time regulations.

4.1 The performance time limit for the INDIVIDUAL COSPLAY COMPETITION is THREE (3) minutes. GROUP COSPLAY COMPETITION time limit is FIVE (5) minutes. Point deductions may incur if participants exceed the time allotted for performance.

4.2 GROUP COSPLAY COMPETITION requires to have a minimum of TWO (2) and a maximum of FIVE (5) members.
4.3 Human props are NOT ALLOWED during the performance.

4.4 All performance audio and recordings will be reviewed prior to approval. Audios should be either an audio cd or in the following file formats: *.wav; *.mp3; *.wma. Audio files should be burned into a blank CD-R and should be submitted upon registration. ANY OTHER KIND OF MULTIMEDIA STORAGE IS NOT ALLOWED.

- Please make sure that you have consolidated everything into ONE (1) file. Multiple and/or unarranged tracks will forfeit the entry.
- Make sure to bring 2 extra copies in case of emergency.
- Please ensure that the discs/files are playable by the following programs: Windows Media Player 9 or above; Winamp 4.0 or above; iTunes 9.0 or above; Media Player Classic 4 or above; VLC Media Player 1.0.5 or above.
- Anime Alliance and concerned parties are not liable for any deductions due to malfunctions / defective discs. Make sure to test your audio file before finalizing.
- We encourage everyone to use High Quality (HQ) audio. Anime Alliance and concerned parties are not liable for poor audio output.

4.5 It is NOT permitted to directly copy trademarked illustrations or logos on the costume equipment or props

4.6 ONLY (1) Backstage Helper is allowed to help participants off-stage but NOT during the performance. Their help is only limited at the cosplayer’s area.

5.1 There will be THREE (3) judges that will be grading the participants on stage.

5.2 The competition criteria are as follows:
- PERFORMANCE (10 points = 40%)
Relating to production of performance, creativity of elements and entertainment

- COSTUME (10 points = 40%)
Workmanship, how faithful the costumes are to the original. How the costume was made.

How faithful is the performance to the story of the original work and characters. How much respect is shown to the original work/story.

5.3 All judges’ decisions are FINAL.
- In an event of a tie-breaker, the committee will pick the best general average of Performance.

6.1 Anime Alliance Philippines will be facilitating the CosFanX Manila preliminaries that is held in ToyCon 2016.

6.2 Only ONE (1) INDIVIDUAL and ONE (1) GROUP will be given an invitation to represent the Philippines in CosFanX Finals in Thailand on December 11, 2016.

6.3 The second placer in both categories will be offered the representation respectively in an event of a drop out.

6.4 The convention and competition is PG-15 altogether. However, management reserves the right to approve any other series higher than PG-15 when deemed appropriate. We do not condone inappropriate actions and costumes.

6.5 Extreme profanity, excessive sexual insinuations, racism and anything analogous to the foregoing is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We reserve the right to cut-off any performances as deemed necessary.

6.6 If there are no objections made during the registration process about a participant’s cosplay being above the rate of PG-15 – no further objections will be entertained. - If contested, MTRCB ratings supersedes any international TV/Movie regulatory agency. If not applicable, MPAA will be used as basis – EIRIN for Japanese series

6.7 Representatives are responsible for their own personal expenses during their trip to the Finals. Furthermore, any excess on baggage allotment (airline dependent) is supposed to be shouldered by the representatives. The 20-kilogram limit is based on regular airline carriers and are subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the airline company’s website for more information about check-in baggage restrictions.

6.8 CosfanX, Anime Alliance Philippines and ToyCon 2016 is not responsible for: (1) any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by entrants, typographical errors, printing errors or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Contest; (2) unauthorized human intervention in any part of the entry process or the Contest;
CosFanX 2016 Cosplay Competition

(3) technical or human error which may occur in the administration of the Contest or the processing of entries;
(4) Any violation of any law which caused by Costumes from contestants.

6.9 Anime Alliance’s resident staff and any accredited event’s operational staff together with their families up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity are NOT ALLOWED to participate in the CosFanX 2016 Manila leg preliminaries.

If you have any issues with these rules and guidelines, inquiries, concerns of mismanagement, unfairness, corruption, cheating or other issues that may involve our staff, judges and/or participants of any third parties and Anime Alliance please address them to the following:

Anime Alliance Cosplay Interaction and Development Group animeallianceph@gmail.com

While every effort is being made to make everything here accurate at the time of publication, information here is subject to change without prior notice.


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