Sunday, March 27, 2016

Toys You Can Find For Less Than A Thousand Pesos

Hunting for toys and collectibles is an expensive investment, from getting the newest action figure to the vintage toy, there will be ways to get those hard to get items into your collection. But there will be times that the odds will not be in your favor when it is about a tight budget, but hardcore collectors can find ways to get the best deals even on a limited budget.

To find out if anyone can get something on a restricted budget, we tried searching for great bargains at the recent Toycon Launchpad event that was held at the UP Town Center last weekend. With a PhP 1,000 in our pocket, let’s see what items we can get.

pop chad

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures [Price: PhP 600 at Kramer Toy Warden]

These super deformed figurines are hot on any collector’s eyes and you can basically find them everywhere. The hard part is finding the figures that you really like, good thing Funko has a wide range of characters from difference franchises that are available. You can get two figures for a grand if you’re lucky or a rare figure for less than a thousand.

gundam chad

Gundam Plastic Model Kits (aka Gunplas) [Price: PhP 300-700 at Anastasia888]

Everybody loves anything that is robot, so it is no surprise if a lot of people are into plastic model kits. What makes Gunpla more popular was it wide range of kits, from the chibi SD kits to the super detailed giant Perfect Grade kits. And the best part, you can find affordable kits like from the latest Iron-Blooded Orphans series that are just around PhP 500 to 700 or the new SD Gundam EX-Standard for PhP 300 and start building your SD army.

cards chad

Card Game Sets & Accessories [Price: 500-900 at Gaming Library]

Looking for a new game to play with your friends? If you think investing for a board game can be pricey, fret not, as there are some card games that are affordable and at the same time, can be played with up to 4 friends. Some games such as the locally-made Politricks (PhP 600) is a fun game with friends and reminds you how dirty politics is or maybe you want to expand your deck with the Game of Thrones Chapter pack (PhP 750). Or if you need to restock your Dice for your RPG sessions, you can get their Chessex RPG 7-dice set (PhP 350-600).

shirts chad

Geek Shirts [Price: PhP 350 at Fuben Shop]

Sometimes geeks need to express themselves through their apparels, whether showing love for anime, video games or comic books, there is always a matching shirt for every one of them. You can snag 2 or 3 shirts on a 1,000 budget if you are lucky that they give you a PhP 50 discount if you buy 3 shirts.

gashapon chad

Gashapon/ Candy Toys [Price: PhP 100-500]
If you are looking for a really cheap toy as a gift or as some sort of trinket, Gashapons (Capsule toys) or Candy toys from Japan are your best choice. Some of these toys can range from keychains, desktop figurines or even semi to fully articulated figures. Some toy groups are selling brand new candy toys are still sealed on their package on a really fair price while some are selling second hand toys that are still in pristine condition in a reasonable price, with enough bargaining skills, you can bring home a handful of these toys.

So if you are thinking that collecting toys is expensive, there are still ways to collect without leaving a dent to your wallet or bank account, just finding the right place to look for the best deals for toys and collectibles.



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