Friday, March 18, 2016

Survival guide to Toycon Launchpad event

Launchpad 2

It’s Toycon season again and to spice things up this year, Toycon will be launching it’s Launchpad event this Saturday and Sunday. The Launchpad will give you a glimpse of what’s in store for this year’s main event on June 10-12, 2016 at the SMX convention Center.

The Launchpad will host a slew of exhibitors, toy groups and on-site activities. For Toycon veterans, this is a good refresher of what Toycon’s all about.Toycon newbies, or those who are curious as to what Toycon is all about will be given the opportunity to see first hand what Toycon has been bringing to the pop culture scene for more than a decade.

So to help maximize your enjoyment of this two day event we have listed a survival guide that can help you prepare for what you can get out of Launchpad.

  1. Block off a part of the day - You can’t truly enjoy an event like Launchpad if you’re going in there get everything you can and leave. You can mingle, get acquainted with the various local toy groups, enjoy what the exhibitors can offer and join the various on-site activities exclusive to Launchpad, and to be able to enjoy everything you should block the better part of the day for the venue so you won’t have to rush through everything.

  2. Bring a bag, or two, or three! - For whatever reason you're heading to Launchpad, it’s always good to have one bag that you can keep to yourself for the whole duration. Not only will it be convenient for you to bring the other suggested things in this list, but it’s good security to have all your valuables on you at all times.

  3. Charge you lasors - Before heading to Launchpad, make sure your battery’s are at full capacity. It’s always good to have your phone or your handy camera at full battery to take tons of pictures.

  4. Extra Battery - Also bring a battery pack just in case you’d need to charge your phone or cameras while on-site.

    Launchpad 4

  5. Wear comfortable clothing - Whenever you go to events like this always wear the most comfortable clothes you have. It’s hard to enjoy the event if you’re sticky and sweaty or if your feet are killing you.

  6. Bring extra clothes - Since I’ve already mentioned about things getting sticky and sweaty, it’s always good to bring an extra set of clothes. Especially if you plan on staying the majority of the day.

  7. Bring medicine - With a crowded event like Launchpad, one would expect to either feel the heat, or get migraine or headaches. It’s always best to prepare a paracetamol or two as you join Launchpad.

  8. Hydrate - Either bring a tumbler of water or get one as you head to Launchpad. It’s always good to have a drink of water prepared for the occasion that you get thirsty

  9. Allocate your budget - of course with toy events, one would already expect to spend on stuff. I’m suggesting that before Launchpad, already set yourself a budget for food, transpo and of course set a budget for your toy purchases. And since the vent is free you have more money to get those toys!  You can even try the 1k peso challenge for Launchpad!

    Launchpad 1

    Launchpad 3

  10. Bring Eco Bags - One of the great things in events like this are the hauls that you can bring home after the event. If you’re already expecting to bring home a lot of things it’s always good to bring an eco bag or two instead of relying on plastic bags. Not only will it be convenient (because you won’t have to worry about getting econ bags torn) it’ll also be eco friendly!

  11. Bring a friend - One of the best things toy has taught me is that sharing is not only caring, but more enjoyable as well. And it rings true even up to now. So instead of going lone ranger on us for Launchpad, why not bring a friend, or your posse even? So that you can share the enjoyment you’ll be experiencing at Toycon Launchpad!

Toycon Launchpad is on March 19-20, 2016 at the UP Town Center Amphitheater, QC.
Co presented by Kramers Toy Warden, The Asian Comics, Toys and Collectibles Collective, Inc., UP Town Center and Ayala Malls

Event is sponsored by Globe, Gaming Library, Sphero and radio partners: 99.5 PLAY FM and Retro 105.9 DCG-FM

Written by: Vincent Haoson (


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