Saturday, June 13, 2015

Reimaru Files x Toycon Aftermath Video Making Contest

video aftermath contest copy

Eligibility1. This contest is open to all video making enthusiasts.
2. Any person who are attending Toycon 2015.
3. Footage must be taken during the Toycon 2015 event and inside the venue

Submission of Entries:1. All video entries must be submitted via a file sharing (Dropbox, Mediafire, Megaupload, etc.) downloadable link to the Reimaru Files email (, along with correct and accurate information in the entry form.

Name/ Group name (along with names of the members) of participant:
Video Title:
Contact Number:
Contact Email: Which day(s) of Toycon was covered:

2. All submissions will be final upon upload completion.
3. All entries must be in in mp4 format and must have a minimum resolution of 1280x720
4. No re-submissions will be allowed.
a. If on the case that the change is minor and superficial, Reimaru Files reserves the right to allow contestant to re-upload and send their entry
5. Contestant gives Reimaru Files and Toycon the permission to use their video in any promotion or media.
6. All entries are deemed to have read and accepted the Reimaru Files Privacy Policy on submitted data.

Contest Duration:1. Video coverage will run during the Toycon 2015 event (from June 19, 2015 up until June 21, 2015).
2. Duration of the submission of entries will run from June 22, 2015 12:00 AM up until July 3, 11:59 PM
3. Any entry submitted beyond those times will be null and void. The determining time will be the time the upload was completed (upload timestamp).
4. Reimaru Files reserves the right to increase the event period at any time during the event.
5. All eligible entries will be uploaded to the Reimaru Files YouTube Channel 2-3 days after the submission deadline


Contest Mechanics:1. At the beginning of the contest, all contestants must cover the Toycon 2015 event from June 19, 2015 to June 21, 2015. Any Toycon event covered outside of the time period will be invalid.
2. Contestants will create their videos using any style and any material from the event covered. All footage in their video that are taken MUST be original or that they have obtained license for use from other sources.
3. The use of stock footage is allowed for added visuals as long as it does not occupy more than 25% of the actual video entry.
4. The use of music for the video can be from your original composition or from a third party content as long as it has no copyright restrictions in YouTube (meaning YouTube will not block the music track or flagged the video for copyright content violations).
5. Any form of nudity and obscene/explicit (such as racism, sexism, extreme violence, gore) in the video entry are prohibited.
6. Any entries that failed to comply with the mechanics will be disqualified
7. Entries will be accepted only during the contest period. Any entry sent outside the specified period will not be accepted.
8. There will be two winners from the list– one for the People’s Choice and the other is for the Editor’s Choice
9. Announcement of the Editor’s Choice winner will be at the same day when the winner of the People’s Choice will be announced (one week later)

Criteria for winning:1. There will be two winners—one for each category. One for the People’s Choice and for the Editor’s Choice.
2. People’s Choice will be determined by the most number of ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ (if using Facebook) on the video entry on the Reimaru Files’ YouTube Channel or Facebook Page. The voting process will last for one week and the winner will be announce the day after.
3. Editor’s Choice, on the other hand, will be determined and selected by the Reimaru Files Team with the following criteria:

a. Cinematography…………. 30%
b. Relevance to the event…30%
c. Video Quality………..........20%
d. Timing…………………………..10%
e. Music composition……….10%

How to win:1. The winners for both categories will be determined the day after the end of the voting process for the People’s Choice.
2. All winners will be announced via the following Channels:
a. Reimaru Files and Toycon Ph Website
b. Reimaru Files and Toycon Ph Fanpage
c. Reimaru Files and Toycon Ph Twitter
d. Contact Email
e. Contact Number
3. All winners will have to confirm with Reimaru Files their mailing address for the prizes.

Restrictions:1. All Reimaru Files staff, family members up to 4 consanguinity of affinity are disqualified to participate in the event.
2. All prizes can be modified in the middle of the event.
a. Any modification should not decrease the value of the prizes for more than 10% of market value
b. Any modification shall be announced over all communication channels
3. Reimaru Files staff shall reserve the right to modify these terms and contest mechanics as deemed fit at any given time before, during and after the contest proper.

Prizes:Editor’s Choice: TBA
People’s Choice: TBA


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