Sunday, November 23, 2014

Funko Pop! Roadshow Philippines this Nov 29-30, 2014 at The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila


Be a part of the festivities as the world's #1 designer vinyl toy hits the road this weekend!

The Funko Pop! Roadshow happens at the Plaza, 2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila this weekend, Nov. 29-30. Be a part of fun activities and games, awesome exhibits and special guests as we celebrate everything fun and collectible as only Funko Pop! can bring.

Also join the press and media launch conference on November 29 at 3:00 Pm to learn more about Funko Pop! and the joy of collecting them.

Get a chance to own the Dancing Groot Pop figure to be launched exclusively at the event. And win awesome prizes from Funko by joining the Pop! Clicks Photography contest and the Customized Pop! contest

Custom Pop! Contest

REPAINT – No changes are made to the basic form of the Funko Pop! vinyl. The figure is basically just painted over to look like an unproduced, original character. Artist-enhanced versions of existing characters are allowed.

SCRATCH BUILT – The Funko Pop! vinyl may be reformed, remolded, re-sculpted. Additional parts may be added to create a completely original Funko Pop! character. Characters depicted may be of existing licensed or unlicensed properties.

Contest Mechanics

1. All entries should be submitted between 10am-2pm on November 29, 2014 at the Funko Pop! Roadshow venue, Newport Mall Atrium, Resorts World Manila.

2. Each participant can submit two (2) entries; whether it be one per category or 2 entries for one category. More than 2 entries are not accepted and we will allow 2 entries only to be exhibited for judging.

3. All entries will be reviewed by the Board of Judges. Hence the committee has the right to reject any unfit entry/entries.

4. Indecent materials or topic are strictly prohibited.

5. To open a certain category these should be at least 3 entries.

6. There will be one top winner per category.

7. Organizers have the right to take picture of any and all entries for press release and exhibit on the ToyCon online sites.

8. TAKE NOTE THAT WE JUDGE THE FIGURE ONLY AND NOT THE BASE OR ANY OTHER EFFECT. We highly suggest that you bring the action figure only without the base.

9. Criteria for Judging
Originality (Merits of Concept) - 30%
Execution (paint execution, additional sculpting (if applicable) and overall attention to detail) - 30%
Creative use of materials - 20%
Over-all Impact - 20%

Judging will start at 4:00 Pm and announcement of winners will start at 5:00 Pm

Day 1 Awarding of Category 1
Day 2 Awarding of Category 2

10. Judges decision is FINAL!

* Winners will be informed by e-mail and SMS. Prizes may be claimed at the venue on November 30 or at Shoppesville Plus, Greenhills at a later date.

Prize: Per category; one top prize and one runner up. Prizes TBA

Pop Clicks – Funko Pop! Photography Contest

1. Contest is open to all.

2. Create your own still image involving your Funko Pop! figure/s. No minimum or maximum number of figures. Just come up with the most striking photo you can imagine.

3. One entry only per participant

4. Entries can be shot in digital or film. Colored or black and white are accepted.
* We do not allow any Digital Manipulation, enhancement and adding digital backgrounds and other elements. But we allow global image adjustments only (Global adjustments are applied uniformly to the entire image, eg. brightness, contrast, color and hue).

** digital pasting or drawing graphic elements are not allowed. But we allow entries that uses digital LCD screen as their background.

5. Entries must be printed in photo paper and mounted on a black illustration board.

6. Photo size requirement: 8 x 11” size or 9 x 12” photo sizes.
Include a label size 2 X 5.5 inches , printed in a white paper and paste it below your photo artwork containing:

Photo entry title:
Photograph by:
Camera model:

7. The organizers will reject entries with malicious and offensive elements

8. Bring your entry on November 29, 2014 at the venue from 10am-2pm.
and fill up and submit with registration form

9. Announcement of winners will be on November 30, 2014 at around 5:00 Pm

10. Prizes: There will only be one top three prizes (1st to 3rd Place). Prizes TBA

Criteria for judging
Creativity - 30%
Storytelling - 20%
Presentation - 20%
Natural effects - 20%
Impact - 10%

11. Judges’ decision is FINAL.

Winners will be informed by e-mail and SMS. Prizes may be claimed at the venue on November 30 or at Shoppesville Plus, Greenhills at a later date.

Contestants are also submit a softcopy in .jpeg format to
before November 29, 2014.

All photo submission will be exhibited in the ToyCon Facebook page


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