Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We just launched our Toycon online partner program

We're inviting different kinds of communities - online sites, Facebook groups and fan pages, group blogs, and forums

About the program

The TOYCON has always been about building and supporting the various hobby communities; whether collectors, artists, customizers, sci-fi and fantasy aficionados, cosplayers, movie buffs or as pop culture fans in general.

Our objective has really been to provide you a venue to celebrate our love for all our respective hobbies. The effort to gather online partners is an effort to consolidate our community even more so and possibly even celebrate online even when there is no event, like the TOYCON to gather us. In the short term, TOYCON partners are meant to mutually benefit from what we are designing to be an online portal for all things pop-culture; promoting events, activities or even personal musings to celebrate geekdom.

In the long term, hopefully we can gather more input from everyone to make the TOYCON even better; how you would want it to be. We want to make TOYCON more your event as it is ours. So as an online TOYCON community, hopefully we can put together the celebration more as a team, than just as organizers thinking about what we think you'd like to see. Game?

to be part of our online partner program. pls register here at http://bit.ly/toyconphpartners


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