Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some of the Things to see this Toycon 2012:

1.Warner Bros. will display for the first time in the Phil. the original Batman the Dark Knight Rises costume at their booth.

2.Solar-UIP will highlight the biggest GI joe play set ever displayed in cooperation with TS 118 in celebration of the 30th annniversary of the 3.75 figures.

3.Bigger Toycon Gallery with alm
ost 30 Toy Groups showcasing some of their collection.

4.Angry Woebots guests courtesy of Vinyl on Vinyl .

5.Meet your renowned local Comic book artists thru the courtesy of Komikon

6.For the Gaming group we have ASMPEDFEST by ABS-CBN Interactive group and Dragon Nest by Cherry Credits.

7.Chance to win a very limited edition Bane comics from Pacific licensing.

8.For our Cosplay friends do come and visit the Cosplay Universe with various interactive photo booths and meet and greet our Cosplay Goddess Alodia.And a very renowned surprise guest celebrity .

9.On Sun. afternoon Kamikaze band will be playing on stage.

10.Of course who would miss the biggest no. of toys,comics,apparels ,collectibles and pop culture booths ever gathered in one roof.

11.And many many more including the chance to win a Nintendo Wii courtsey of Toy Kingdom.
Hope to see you at the Toycon 11.


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