Thursday, June 14, 2012

1st Philippine Sculpting/Statue Figure Contest

We're opening the custom made Statue Figure Contest for the 1st time here in our Event.  Statue builders, sculptors and designer can submit their entry as one person or as a team.

Here are the mechanics:
1. Limit size of statue figures is up to 18 inches only. Base and platform are included. Statue Figures should be comics, movie, anime, pop culture characters.
2. Statue can be made of any materials (resin, metal, plastic, recycled materials and etc.)
3. Statue figure should be in its final design (with colors, label and etc.)
4. The design should be original and not copied or from an existing cast
5. Old and new sculpt figures are accepted as entry. We accept ready made original sculpted figures.
6. One entry per person / per group
7. Submit your entry on June 17, 2012 from 10am-3pm
8. One winner will be awarded for the grand prize

Criteria for Judging
Style and Originality - 30%
Details -  30%
Craftmanship - 30%
Wow Factor -  10%

Prize: TBA

Criteria might subject to change, we're working the final criteria with our team and judges.
Feel free to inquire with us about this contest.

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