Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bleach (Season 2) in Animax

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Bleach (Season 2), every Monday to Friday at 7.30pm

Able to see souls from young, orange-haired Ichigo regarded spirits around him as minor annoyances and had led a normal life with his two sisters and father who runs a clinic. One fateful day, a mysterious woman in a black kimono with a katana (Japanese sword) appears in his room.

Named Rukia, she identifies herself as a ‘Soul Reaper’, one of many spirit guardians responsible for leading souls to the realm of the afterlife known as ‘Soul Society’. As they get acquainted, Ichigo’s family is attacked by monstrous ‘Hollow’ spirits which consume other souls. With Rukia injured, Ichigo steps forward to take up responsibilities and powers of a ‘Soul Reaper’ to protect his loved ones…

As Rukia’s superiors eventually discover she had broken ‘Soul Society’ laws with the transfer of powers to Ichigo, she is hauled back to ‘Soul Society’ to be executed. Swearing to save Rukia, Ichigo embarks on a learning adventure that will awaken far greater latent ‘Soul Reaper’ powers within him. With the help of friends who willingly risk death fighting alongside him, Ichigo takes on the formidable ‘Soul Reaper’ hierarchy on his perilous rescue mission into ‘Soul Society’…

Picking up from where Bleach left off in the first season, the new season of the blockbuster anime series unravels the fate of protagonist Ichigo and his friends on the seemingly hopeless mission to rescue Rukia. Ichigo will have to surpass the most powerful ‘Soul Reapers’ who are out to ensure the sentence is carried out as well as his own limits. Expect also a final twist to the tale as the true face of the series’ key antagonist is unveiled at the climax…

Following that, Bleach will head into a brand new story arc exclusive to the anime series which fans of the manga series will not want to miss. In this new chapter, the world is being confronted by the Bounts, a formidable new race of seemingly immortal enemies that resemble vampires. Bounts need to absorb human souls to sustain their immortality and to grow in power, and they have set their sights on attacking ‘Soul Society’…

(Animax press release)

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