Monday, May 5, 2008

Toy Con 2008 contest rules and mechanics are now updated

We already updated the contest rules and mechanics for our contest this year.
They are online and can be found in our website at

we added new contest like

Toy Designer contest - were you can design your own cute and funny playable toy design.

Toy Con blogging contest - if your a blogger this contest is for you, blog about the event in your own blog site and then win a great prize from us and from our sponsors.

Comic Creation Contest- the contest is back and everyone can join even if you are a pro or freelancer.

2nd Philippine Game Girl Contest - premiered last 2005 at the andGames and Gadget Show, the girl gamer pageant is back at Toy Con. if you are a cosplayer and also a gamer, this contest is for you.

Fan Film Contest - the big, the bad and the ugly of wild west of film making for sci fi, comics and games is here again for its 3rd year!

Cosplay Clicks - After the success of the Toy Clicks contest, now comes Cosplay Clicks, bring out your camera and shoot your Cosplay model in a creative pose and action.

Animation Contest - we love short animation!, even if it is a stick people animation, it is considered an animation to us, animate your own short film with style.

Booth Babe Contest - The muse of Toy Con is on search for 2008.

and also we have the customized figures contest.

We are still finalizing the contest rules for LEGO, STIKFAS and Cosplay. Rules of the three contest will be announced next week as we finalized it with our sponsors and team.

if you have any questions, feel free to email us at


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