Wednesday, February 27, 2008

part 2: The Joker action figure for the Dark Knight movie

This is the look needed for a Heath Ledger version of the Joker for the Dark Knight movie, as you can see that the figure's detail on the face is good than the other figure we saw last time in my other blog post for the Joker action figure, I think they worked on a new sculpt or a new toyline. Probably they made this new figure line for collectors and adults, and it looks like that your kid won't love this toy, because it is scary and disturbing.

also the images below are figures that I saw in the Dark Knight group Facebook, I've seen them before in the Toy Fair 2008 and also at the Lego trade show here in Manila, but the most interesting to see is the action figure above with the Heath detail on it.

first figure is for the new anime-nated movie Gotham Knights, you can check out the youtube for a 10 minute preview of it, Batman in Anime style, and it says on the net that the new animatedmovie will launch in DVD on July 2008. Second photo is from the Lego toy line 'Batman" pretty comic features and very cute, the Joker is included in the Tumbler car Lego set and the funny man has his own vehicle to fight with Batman, the Last photo is a Joker playing card replica that was used in Batman Begins, the card might be included in the Joker figure line, I just don't know which toyline because all of these are from the Toy Fair 2008.

the buzz is that, the toys might be available on May or June 2008.

Btw, theres a new trailer for the Dark Knight, and it will be on March 7, according to some movie sites and it will be launched together with the 10,000 B.C. movie, wow! I love to see 10k BC but the Dark knight movie still excites me more than watching 10k BC. check your local theaters for the schedule of the release of the movie 10,000 B.C.



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