Thursday, February 21, 2008

MIAMI in Manila, japanese electronica pop duo

im sharing this cool news I found in Keith's multiply page
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Start: Feb 28, '08 10:00p
End: Mar 1, '08
Location: Saguijo, Club Dredd, Magnet

Kindassault, a new record label/production company ( is bringing a Japanese duo all the way from Tokyo to play at three venues from February 28 - March 1.

February 28@Saguijo - with The Dorques, Endofcontracts, Spazzkid, Reklamo, and Twin Lobster
February 29@Club Dredd - with Nimbus 9, Corporate Lo-Fi, Monsterbot, and El Mercurio
March 1@Magnet High Street - with The Dorques, Pedicab, Taken By Cars

Miami is a electronic pop/rap girl duo out of Tokyo. Their music is very funky and infectious to the ear. Can't really compare them to anyone except perhaps Cibo Mato. Electronic violins, synths and great vocals really make Miami a unique addition to . These girls are really awesome.



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