The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or TOYCON is a highly-anticipated annual event which celebrates the diversity of collecting as a hobby

which is highlighted by the launch of upcoming blockbuster movies, the latest games and gadgets, awesome advances in animation, comics, anime and manga

and the sensation of the latest releases in toys and collectibles. It is a gathering of collectors, cosplay enthusiasts, gamers, artists and musicians

all bonded by a common passion. It is simply put the biggest pop culture event in the country.

See you this June 8-June 10, 2018 at the SMX CONVENTION CENTER HALLS 1-4, SM MALL OF ASIA, Manila, Philippines

Sunday, March 25, 2007

DCPH Swap Meet- April 14, 2007 @ North Greenhills

Die-cast Car Collectors of the Philippines ( DCPH)

is inviting all PTK to their bi-monthly swap meet .

When: April 14, 2007 saturday

Where: North Greenhills Pavillion, North Greenhills
Buchanan St.

Time: 4pm to 8 pm

Entrance Fee: 150/ person

Pls. enter the village using the Pedestrian Entrance at Buchanan St. along Club Filipino Ave.

Car Owners can park their vehicles either at Greenhill Shopping parking area or street park along the Club Filipino Ave

check the MAP here


Tabletop Wars 1st Anniversary Eyeball Party!

It's Tabletop Wars' 1st Anniversary!

To celebrate the event, we will be having an eyeball party at LANDES (Podium) this April 28, 2007 (Saturday) from 2PM to 4PM. We will only accomodate up to a maximum of 20 attendees but will require at least 12 to proceed with the event.


- Heroscape Contest* w/ surprise prize** for the winner
- Merienda will be served
- Bring your games so we can play them as venue & time permits

* The HEROSCAPE Contest has its own first-come-first-served registration on the event itself. The maximum number of players is still currently being determined. So come early in case you want to join the contest.

** We are accepting donations for the HEROSCAPE Contest winner. If you want to donate a prize, please just post the item name (w/ optional pic) in this thread. We will be collecting the donated prizes on the event itself.


Landes (Podium branch)


April 28, 2007 (Saturday) from 2PM to 4PM

There is a registration fee of P50 for official TW members and P150 for non-members to help pay for the food and venue. You are automatically considered an official TW member if you have an account in website.

Attendees are required to PRE-REGISTER in the website of which can be found here. Only the first 20 members who PRE-REGISTERED and posted their confirmation to attend the event will be accepted.

Deadline of Pre-registration is on Friday - April 13, 2007.

Hurry and pre-register now!!!

for info email :

3G Gigabye DIY - Lan Party event

(Video Games, Gadgets, Cosplay, tournaments and contest)

March 30, 2007
Market Market, Activity Center
Fort Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

The Ultimate Event for PC Enthusiats has finally arrived! Featuring the latest PC technology by GIGABYTE, the coolest games, the awesome and creative cosplayers, the most hot and sought Pinoy Rock and Anime Bands, product displays and demos and a lot more
in one great party!

Video Game tournaments - Counter Strike, DOTA, Audition
Fastest Geek DIY PC
Raffle Contest to all who registered for free at the event

Free gaming -Freeplay, NBA, DOTA, NFS, Counterstrike
product launchings
Gigabyte Demo
live bands
and many more.


3G Gigabyte Cosplay Guidelines

1. Registration is free and open to all.

2. Kids, Teens and Adults are allowed to join.

3. The Cosplay contest is an Open Category, everyone can portray their favorite characters from any genre of comics, anime, video game, online game, movies and etc.

4. The contest will be held at the 3G Gigabyte event at the Market Market activity area, The Fort on March 30, 2007

Registration will start at 10:00AM to 4:30PM

Contest will start on stage at 5:00PM to 5:30PM

Announcement of winners on stage at 6:00 or 6:30PM

5. Costumes shows too much nudity and gory appearance are not allowed. Props, real life swords and weapons that can harm people are not allowed at the event.

Best Male
Best Female
Special awards for Kids

Judges and Criteria for the contest will be announced on the event itself.

Note: Cosplay Guidelines are subject to change w/o prior notice

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Download the teaser poster

here are the hi res images of the teaser poster

you can own a Toycon 2007 teaser poster for your room

just download the link below
you may resize the image according to your own poster size.

1st teaser poster : Sinister Six ToyCon

2nd teaser poster : Transformers Autobots ToyCon

disclaimer : all images are copyrighted and own by their respective company.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Forum Link for Pinoy Toy Kolektors (PTK)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

HERO TV's BECK Mongolian Chop Squad Concert Mall Tour

lets have a break and read some messages from our partners in the industry
happy anniversary to Hero TV's G-cube

Click and Check the Image above for the ground events of HERO TV

Hero TV ‘vocalizes’ OPM lead artists

With the success of the Voltes V Evolution in using an all-star cast of “voicers”, anime fanatics are now up for an even bigger breakthrough as Hero TV once again taps celebrity dubbers, but this time, vocalists from popular OPM bands to voice characters in the newest musical anime series, Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.

Premiering this April 14 on Hero TV, Beck is certain to be an anime hit as it features the voices of OPM band icons: Rivermaya’s Rico Blanco, Sandwich’s Raymund Marasigan, The Dawn’s Jet Pangan, Rocksteddy’s Teddy Corpus, Six Cycle Mind’s Ney Dimaculangan, and Sponge Cola’s Yael Yuzon. Beck’s lead character will be voiced by the Little Big Star Big Division Champion and emerging teen heartthrob Sam Concepcion. Joining him to give voice to his character’s love interest in the anime series is a budding teen celebrity Stephanie Cuevas from the ongoing musical stage play High School Musical.

Hero TV’s belief in Beck – and the clever gimmick of using rockstar celebrity dubbers – is backed up by the fact that Beck is a monster hit in Japan. It follows the story of a 14-year old boy who lives a boring and uninteresting life, until that day when he saves a strange dog. From this point on the boy gets involved in the rock band of a wild and unpredictable guitarist, and he soon finds himself with a new life as a member of this band that is yet to hit the music scene.

Aside from its appealing story and production twists (use of celebrity dubbers), Beck will definitely be remembered through its catchy theme song “Hit In The USA” as popularized by Beat Crusaders. You can also catch the Beck experience near you through several mall shows that will be conducted in March and April.

Watch Beck on Hero TV, the no. 1 anime channel among kids, teens and young adults that ranks in the top 10 most watched cable channels. Get updates constantly by tuning in to Hero TV Channel 44 in Metro Manila and in over 250 cable systems nationwide.


Airing Date:

April 14 – July 14, 2007, Saturdays & Sundays[11am with a replay in the evening(7:30pm) airing].

The Characters of BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad


The main character, a 14 year old talented but very reserved boy. The series follows his rapid development from an average person to an outstanding guitarist. Being extremely polite, he cannot help but let others push him around, a possible metaphoric stereotype on the very proper and manner conscious Japanese society. The last member of BECK, he is the second guitarist and vocalist. Yukio has a very beautiful voice that is mostly used for Beck’s slower songs. He owns a Fender Telecaster


A Japanese character with a long history in America. He speaks fluent English, and frequently uses both Japanese and English in his conversation. He lives alone in a shack by the fishing pond. His skills and taste in music inspire Koyuki to take up the guitar. His talent in playing the guitar and writing songs is unparalled. The band’s creator, Ryusuke is BECK’s lead guitarist and band leader. A once younger Ryusuke and Eddie Lee stole the Lucille (a very famous guitar named after a woman) from the boot of Syke’s vehicle. This begins a deeper backstory of Ryusuke’s character.


Koyuki’s guitar and swimming teacher. Saitou once swam in the Olympics but was unable to achieve his dream of winning so he turned his life to teaching others how to swim better. Saitou is loud and demanding in public, and especially strict when it comes to swimming. But when he is out of the water, he is much more open, even turning Koyuki for advice on his attractions to Momo. Saitou is a fan of British rock and his favorite band in the anime is the fictional Rocket Boys while in the manga, it’s the Beatles.


The first recruited member of BECK, Taira is the bassist, and the most talented band member next to Ryusuke. Little is known about him, and his attitude may sometimes come off as uncaring. He has been seen working as a traffic officer.


Main vocalist for BECK, he is the key member that Ryusuke needed to bring Taira into the band. Compared to Koyuki, his voice is more punk- and rock-oriented, like the majority of the band’s songs. He also named the band “BECK,” inspired by Ryusuke’s dog.


The fourth member to join, he was also Koyuki’s first good friend, sticking with him even when the school bully and his gang beat him up for breaking the silent treatment on Koyuki. He is the drummer, inspired by his brother and replaces the original drummer of BECK who followed Ryusuke from his original band, Serial Mama.


Originally in Ryusuke’s first band Serial Mama, he formed a new Belle Ame (Beck’s main rival) which became popular not through their talent but the band members’ looks. Getting all the big breaks, Belle Ame seemed destined for greatness, until Beck overtook them on their drive to fame.


Ryusuke’s sister and a talented singer with a strange relationship with Koyuki. At times she seems attracted to him, other times she brushes him off with little regard to his often ignored feelings. She also has a great voice and can sing as well.

Production Staff

Dubbing Director : Stiffany Adanza.

Head Writer: Gary Ryan Ang

Supervising Producer: Carlo Landrito

Executive Producer: Dong Pilotos

Line Producer: Chris Dela Riva

About Hero TV

Hero TV is the premiere anime cable channel in the Philippines formed by Creative Programs Inc. (the cable subsidiary of ABS-CBN.) It is the first and only all-Tagalog-dubbed anime channel in the country.

Seen on Sky Cable channel 44 and in over 250 cable systems in the Philippines, It aired its first test broadcast from August to September, 2005. Regular broadcast started on the following month and was formally launched at the Philippine Trade Training Center on November 12, 2005. Since April 2006, the channel airs between 6:00 am to 2:00 am. The channel also shows surefire anime that proves to be a definite hit for cable viewers - young and old. The channel also premieres never-before-seen anime titles in the country such as Mirmo de Pon!, Negima!, and Major to name a few. Hero TV also airs non-anime programs such as tokusatsu (Live action special effects) shows like the Power Ranger series, western-style animation programs such as Heavy Gear and Godzilla, and anime-style animation programs such as Di-Gata Defenders and Class of the Titans, and features the most popular anime series in the country.

Hero TV also takes pride in producing its own local programs like G3 or G-Cube (Games, Gigs, and Gadgets, a technology-centric program) and Animenutes (a news and information program with an anime-themed affinity).

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Thursday, March 8, 2007

6th Philippine Toy Convention 2007

2nd teaser poster

June 16-17, 2007
Megatrade Hall 2-3
SM Megamall

pin up art by: Jonathan Lau
poster edited by: Az Coladilla

online promo poster only