Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Live acoustic music by Brian Josef

live acoustic performance by Brian Josef this Saturday at 3pm.
at the International Christmas Fair 2007 and 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair.
event will be on Megatrade Hall 3, stage area.

Let loose and get in the groove

Songwriter-singer Brian Josef is a fresh whiff of air. He is fun and unpredictable. His narrative is both frank and playful. He captures the vibe of the generation that celebrates individuality perfectly. He mimics life in the city through his sounds and stories, and expresses his own uniqueness with his music. Brian fuses elements from various musical styles and recording technology to create the overall effect of his music. He is forward-looking yet grounded on the traditions of excellent musicianship. The result, a perfect blend that is sophisticated and exciting. It is a whole new sound that is crazy but incredible.

He believes that there is no bad or good in music. For artists like himself, the music is a way to express one's self and that honesty makes any form of music resistant to criticism.

This philosophy must have taken its roots from his childhood. "When I listen to a song, my parents did not comment on whether the song was good or not. If I like what I heard, I ask them for the title. They were only happy to oblige," he says.

Yet this philosophy feeds on his desire to insist on distinguishing good music from the truly beautiful ones. And it has encouraged him to improve his craft further.

Crazy but Incredible is a two-feat achievement for the young artist, first as an excellent song writer and musician who can whip up interesting stories and concoct riveting imagery against the rollercoaster twists and turns of his melodies. Words and music of all 12 songs in the album are by Brian. Second as a compelling singer blessed with a distinct singing voice that convincingly delivers the songs with an alternative and pop flair.

Another thing of note is the exquisite production of the album. All tracks were recorded with live instrumentation by a distinguished group of musicians. It's slick, tight, and rearing to soar.

Crazy But Incredible , Brian's carrier single, which is also the title of his debut album released under Sony BMG Music Entertainment is a perfect preface to the album and the artist.
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here's a sample music clip


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