Saturday, December 1, 2007

Doll Meet Up

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What: Doll Meet
When: December 9, 2007, 1 PM
Where: Almond Marina, Mall of Asia
Who: Doll Owners

Rules and Regulations of Almond Marina:

1) First come first serve, so as much as possible some of us should arrive early to reserve seats and order lunch/snacks (KKB). We should at least try to arrive on time so that there won't be any conflict (with other customers) with the reserved seats.

2) Most Doll Meet participants must at least order something, because Almond Marina prioritizes customers.

3) As much as possible let us not make table connections or change the positions of the tables and chairs.

4) We can stay for 2 hours, if we stay for more than 2 hours there will be a fee of at least 1000 php.

5) There is no limit of to the number of participants however if you are bringing company kindly inform Kat so that we can add them in the head count (of people participating in the doll meet).

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