Tuesday, October 30, 2007

He-Man animatics for the live action movie

just saw this blog post at themovieblog.com and i thought that this is some kind of rough animatics of He-man, but when I viewed it, I almost dropped my butt from my chair. Living and growing up with the old He-man cartoon still kicks in our bloods, and I know everyone didnt forget the animation and the Dolph Lundren the live action movie of He-man, which that when I watched it when I was a kid, never thought that it was a He-man live action movie. all I know that it was titled Masters of the Universe.

checked out the animatics here and see if it reaches your taste.
but for me... it will be awesome to have another live action movie. throwing a lot of CGI and great SFX. check out on Skeletor's line at the end.. cool di ba ?


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