Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tantra and WarRock dish out powerful weapons

antra and WarRock dish out powerful weapons and PhP10,000-worth of prizes for tournament winners!

Gather up your teams, Tantra players, and prepare for an intense battle for supremacy on June 9 to 10 at I-Hooked Internet Café in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

All tournament participants must be pre-registered to join The Gathering, the launching and gaming event organized by I-Hooked, the country’s newest Internet and gaming station, together with ABS-CBN Multimedia, Station 168 and other gaming companies.

To register, a team representative must email their team lineup with the following details: Character Name, Level, Server, and Tribe. Use “I-HOOKED TOURNAMENT” as the subject of the email and send to First come, first serve rule will be applied, regardless of their server.

1. A participating team must be composed of 8 characters (1 each for Yaksa, Asura, Gandharva, Garuda, Naga, Kimnara, Deva and Rakshasa).
2. A total of four (4) teams will be selected.
3. Teams will face off in this order: Team 1 vs. Team 2, Team 3 vs. Team 4
4. Accounts will be provided. All characters are level 99.
5. Use of Silfrijan and Quality Silfrijan are not allowed during the event.
6. The battle will be held in the Warzone Server.


Calling all troopers! Get armed to the teeth and get ready for WarRock, the fast-paced online shooter game published by ABS-CBN Multimedia that brought Tantra Online to the Philippines. Developed by Korean company Dream Execution Technology, Co., Ltd., WarRock lets you experience in real time the fierce tension and thrill of modern day warfare in land, air and water.

A civil war has broken out between the government and a rebel organization, and it is now your duty to enlist and help. In WarRock, you get to play as an elite soldier with a mission to complete. You can equip yourself with upgradeable 21st century weaponry and you will be able to operate vehicles like tanks, fighter jet planes, choppers, boats and Humvees.

You can choose a field of specialization for your character. The five character classes consists of a military engineer in charge of explosives and repair, a powerful lifesaving medic, a long-range shooting scout, a weapons expert combatant, and the heavy weapons unit who are effective against tanks and other heavy combat vehicles.

WarRock also features three mission-based game modes that differ in maps, number of times that your character is permitted to respawn during a game, and the availability of vehicles. In Close Quarters Combat, where a maximum of 16 players can join a room, special ops from each side are tasked to completely eliminate the opposing team by setting or disarming explosives on a map. In Urban Ops, with up to 24 players in a room, opposing forces can duke it out in streets and buildings. The Battlegroup mode will take a room-full of 32 players to expansive landscapes where heavily armored military vehicles are the preferred weapons of choice to lord over the map.



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