Thursday, June 14, 2007

Granado Espada Tournament ang Games

Mini-PvP Tourney

There will be four overall winners; one winner for every server.
· First Round – Carracci
· Second Round – Caravaggio
· Third Round – Pachelbel
· Last Round – Cervantes
*3 players per team

War of the Factions

Faction VS Faction. There will be at least 5 representatives for each faction to compete with the other faction. 1 winner per server; open to all four servers.

Highest Level in 30 Minutes

Players who would try playing Granado Espada for the first time will be rewarded if they attain a certain level within 30 minutes.

Pioneers’ Trivia

Easy and hard questions anything about Granado Espada. Players will get a prize for each correct answer.

GE Cosplayers

To motivate the cosplayers (gamers or non-gamers alike) to dress-up as their favorite characters in Granado Espada, or the RNPCs. (GE Cosplayers in the Cosplay Event @ Toycon will receive a special prize)



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