Friday, June 15, 2007

Floro Dery's TransFormers exhibit and interview

Visit the TransFormers Philippines, the Premiere TRANSFORMERS GROUP In the Philippines, booth area, for we are the curator for the one of a kind exhibit for Floro Dery.

check out the cool arts and concept designs that never before seen by fans and thanks for Mr. Floro Dery for sharing his art to us.

Check out too the interview that will premiere at the TOYCON event, all questions that had been bugging us for the past years has been answered.

How do you come up of the character Unicron and where it get an idea of the concept?
Since Unicron is a villain and because I was fooling around at that time, I decided to make him look demonic with goatee, horns, bat-like wings and eagle talons for feet. I got the idea of Unicron from the planet Saturn and Satur, Actually, the original name was "Ingestor," but the writer changed it to Unicron when he saw the design, probably because of the "horns." - Floro Dery
Also at the event a special award will be given to Floro Dery, arrange and from Collectibles Unlimited and TransFormers Philippines


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