Wednesday, June 13, 2007


As of June 14, the online pre-registration is now officially closed.

To all individual cosplay pre-registrants, you must confirm you pre-registration on June 16 to be included to the official cosplay list from 10am-3pm (tentative and subject to change w/o prior notice). Once confirmed, you'll sign the waiver form and receive your cosplay no.

To all pre-registered groups, you must confirm your pre-registration on June 17 to be included to the official cosplay list from 10am-1pm. From 10am-1pm, we'll prioritize the pre-registrants and from 1pm-3pm we'll open the registration to on-site registrants if ever we didn't reach the group cosplay quota by that time. Pre-registered groups can still confirm their registrations on those times.

Thank You and See you all at the event ^^

~ sephiroth
ToyCon Cosplay Organizer/Event Coordinator
Collectibles Unlimited


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