The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or TOYCON is a highly-anticipated annual event which celebrates the diversity of collecting as a hobby

which is highlighted by the launch of upcoming blockbuster movies, the latest games and gadgets, awesome advances in animation, comics, anime and manga

and the sensation of the latest releases in toys and collectibles. It is a gathering of collectors, cosplay enthusiasts, gamers, artists and musicians

all bonded by a common passion. It is simply put the biggest pop culture event in the country.

See you this June 8-June 10, 2018 at the SMX CONVENTION CENTER HALLS 1-4, SM MALL OF ASIA, Manila, Philippines

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Video : 2006 Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair

here's the video from last year's Xmas Toy Fair

toy booths
Angel Locsin
Live Auctions
and more toys!

Live acoustic music by Brian Josef

live acoustic performance by Brian Josef this Saturday at 3pm.
at the International Christmas Fair 2007 and 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair.
event will be on Megatrade Hall 3, stage area.

Let loose and get in the groove

Songwriter-singer Brian Josef is a fresh whiff of air. He is fun and unpredictable. His narrative is both frank and playful. He captures the vibe of the generation that celebrates individuality perfectly. He mimics life in the city through his sounds and stories, and expresses his own uniqueness with his music. Brian fuses elements from various musical styles and recording technology to create the overall effect of his music. He is forward-looking yet grounded on the traditions of excellent musicianship. The result, a perfect blend that is sophisticated and exciting. It is a whole new sound that is crazy but incredible.

He believes that there is no bad or good in music. For artists like himself, the music is a way to express one's self and that honesty makes any form of music resistant to criticism.

This philosophy must have taken its roots from his childhood. "When I listen to a song, my parents did not comment on whether the song was good or not. If I like what I heard, I ask them for the title. They were only happy to oblige," he says.

Yet this philosophy feeds on his desire to insist on distinguishing good music from the truly beautiful ones. And it has encouraged him to improve his craft further.

Crazy but Incredible is a two-feat achievement for the young artist, first as an excellent song writer and musician who can whip up interesting stories and concoct riveting imagery against the rollercoaster twists and turns of his melodies. Words and music of all 12 songs in the album are by Brian. Second as a compelling singer blessed with a distinct singing voice that convincingly delivers the songs with an alternative and pop flair.

Another thing of note is the exquisite production of the album. All tracks were recorded with live instrumentation by a distinguished group of musicians. It's slick, tight, and rearing to soar.

Crazy But Incredible , Brian's carrier single, which is also the title of his debut album released under Sony BMG Music Entertainment is a perfect preface to the album and the artist.
For more information on BRIAN JOSEF, please don't hesitate to contact the undersigned.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Ad & Promo Coordinator - Cueshe, Zelle, Brian Josef
Talentfolio, Inc.
0915-2270846 / 0919-4236285
(02) 927-0846 / (02) 436-1283 / Telefax: (02) 433-0790

here's a sample music clip

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Talent search at the 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007

This is a great news to all artists.

Dig Deep Entertainment and Glass House Graphics will be having a portfolio review and also a talent search.

Dig Deep Entertainment will have a talent search for artists who are hobby painters, sculptors, illustrators, graphic designers, and cartoonists.

Glass House Graphics will also have a talent search for comic artists, inkers, pencilers, illustrators. with any style from western style, anime, manhwa, and mecha.

just bring your portfolio and your best samples at the event.

Remember that a powerful portfolio can get you a job, so put your best and latest artworks and show it to these two big international companies.

They will be there for the 3 days to conduct this once a year talent search.

good luck!

The talent search will be held on December 21-23, 2007 from 10am-10pm inside the event of 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair, inside Megatrade Hall 2.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lights! Camera! Catwalk! the Christmas Cosplay Show @ 2nd Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007

user posted image

Join as we celebrate Christmas with our Cosplay friends at the 2nd Toy and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007.

This will be on December 23, 2007 Sunday at the Megatrade Hall 2, 5th floor, Building B of SM Megamall.

Be in your best Cosplay with a blend of Christmas. Anyone can join! This is open to all categories. No

limitations in number of participants. It can be individual, group or whatever.

Be there at 12NN for the registration. Cosplay presentation will start at 3PM up to 4PM only (no extensions).

Special gifts will be given to the very attractive costume by our Santa Claus. happy.gif

For inquiries and registration, email at

for photos of last year event

The 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair is located inside the International Christmas Fair 2007 will

run December 21-23, 2007 at the Megatrade Hall 2 of SM Megamall.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Add us in your Facebook events

just click here and add us to your Facebook events and mention it if you are attending.

see you all next week!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photos from the 2006 Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair

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Comic character statues

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Rise of the statue figures

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Audience for the PS3 Video Game demo

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Toy booths
Live Auctions

more photos at 1st Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006

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more photos at Lights, Camera, Catwalk! - The Anime Catwalk show at the 1st Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair

Christmas time is definitely the time of the year for Toys. As the demand for gifts and toys rise during this season, people look all around town for the best bargains, the best finds and the most sought after toys of the year.

That is why Collectibles Unlimited in partnership with the SM Megatrade Hall proudly bring you the “2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair” in line with the SM Megamall’s “International Christmas Festival 2007”. Now on its second year, the Christmas Toyfair features the best selection of kiddie toys, dolls, action figures, die cast cars, licensed merchandising and high end collectibles this side of town.

The event will also be highlighted by toy exhibits and an art gallery of the best local comicbook artists, raffles and games. Another highly anticipated activity is the live auction where kids and collectors bid for highly sought-after items and win them for way below their actual value. Toy collectors will have a 3 day toy show of their collections featuring the rarest and vintage toy collection like G.I. Joe, Transformers, Zoids and comic action figures, and also they will feature the upcoming toys for 2008. There will also be a Christmas theme Cosplay fashion show on the 2nd day feat. the best and cool anime costume and Japanese fashion.

Sponsored by MaxiCollector and 2rats, this year’s Christmas Toyfair will be held at the SM Megatrade Hall 2, from Dec 21 to 23, 10: 00 Am to 10:00 Pm. For inquiries, please call the Megatrade Hall at 634-7617 or 633-1697. Visit the event website at or

Sunday, December 2, 2007

HAHAHAA ! Convention 2008

HAHAHAA ! Convention 2008



June 2008

7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008






Saturday, December 1, 2007

Doll Meet Up

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photos by :

What: Doll Meet
When: December 9, 2007, 1 PM
Where: Almond Marina, Mall of Asia
Who: Doll Owners

Rules and Regulations of Almond Marina:

1) First come first serve, so as much as possible some of us should arrive early to reserve seats and order lunch/snacks (KKB). We should at least try to arrive on time so that there won't be any conflict (with other customers) with the reserved seats.

2) Most Doll Meet participants must at least order something, because Almond Marina prioritizes customers.

3) As much as possible let us not make table connections or change the positions of the tables and chairs.

4) We can stay for 2 hours, if we stay for more than 2 hours there will be a fee of at least 1000 php.

5) There is no limit of to the number of participants however if you are bringing company kindly inform Kat so that we can add them in the head count (of people participating in the doll meet).

info from :

Friday, November 16, 2007

The 2nd Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007

its time to save money and be a good kid to Santa Clause.


The 2nd Annual Toys & Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007
December 21-23, 2007
Megatrade Hall 2
5th Level The Summit Mega B, SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

event starts at 10:00AM to 9:00PM

From the organizers of the Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention brings you a grand collectibles sale and bargains happening this December 21-23, 2007. Great items like Anime, Comics, Toys, Cards, Games, Dolls, Action Figures, Cars, Collectible items and Memorabilias will be put in display for sale by people from various hobby shop and collectors.

For booth inquiries just proceed to:
Vtoyz Hobby Shop
Stall no.80 Blue Lane, Shoppesville, Greenhills.
look for Vic Yap or Tina

or you may contact us at 0917 9802643

or email us at




Tuesday, October 30, 2007

He-Man animatics for the live action movie

just saw this blog post at and i thought that this is some kind of rough animatics of He-man, but when I viewed it, I almost dropped my butt from my chair. Living and growing up with the old He-man cartoon still kicks in our bloods, and I know everyone didnt forget the animation and the Dolph Lundren the live action movie of He-man, which that when I watched it when I was a kid, never thought that it was a He-man live action movie. all I know that it was titled Masters of the Universe.

checked out the animatics here and see if it reaches your taste.
but for me... it will be awesome to have another live action movie. throwing a lot of CGI and great SFX. check out on Skeletor's line at the end.. cool di ba ?

IPMS Phils Bert Anido National Scale Model Competiton

a forum post by emjaetee at

Hello Everyone!

I hope you don't mind this little plug I have for our event in November, it is called the IPMS Philippines Bert Anido National Scale Model Competition.

The event started in 2002, was revived in 2004 and has been around since then.

Now on its 5th year, we have been fortunate enough that it has slowly become one of the events being looked forward to by the scale model world of the country today.

This year, the categories are as follows:

A. Fixed-Wing Aircraft

    A.1 1/32 scale and larger Open
    A.2 1/48 scale Out of the Box
    A.3 1/48 scale Modified
    A.4 1/72 scale Out of the Box
    A.5 1/72 scale Modified
    A.6. 1/100 scale and smaller Open

B. Armor

    B.1 1/35 and 1/48 scale OOB (Tracked)
    B.2. 1/35 and 1/48 scale OOB (Wheeled)
    B.3 1/35 and 1/48 scale Modified (Tracked)
    B.4. 1/35 and 1/48 scale Modified (Wheeled)
    B.5. 1/72 & 1/76 Open

C. Ships

    C.1 1/599 and larger all types
    C.2 1/600 and smaller full hull
    C.3 1/600 and smaller waterline

D. Helicopters/Rotary Wing

    D.1 1/32 & 1/35 scale Open
    D.2 1/48 scale Open
    D.3 1/72 scale Open
    *Note: 1/100 and smaller Helicopters
    shall be included in Category A.6

E. Figures

    E.1 1/16 (120mm) scale Non-Fiction
    E.2 1/35 (54mm) scale Non-Fiction

F. Dioramas

G. Automobiles

    G.1 1/20, 1/24 and 1/25 Out-of-the-Box
    G.2 1/20, 1/24 and 1/25 Modified

H. Motorcycles

    H.1 Competition, all scales
    H.2 Street, all scales

I. Fiction/Science Fiction

    I.1 Fiction/sci-fi figures, all scales Open
    I.2 Fiction/sci-fi vehicles, all scales Open
    I.3 Mechas, all scales Open
    I.4 AI’s, all scales Open

The competition will be on Nov. 26 to Nov. 29, 2007 at the Atrium of SM Megamall in Ortigas. Entry Forms are now downloadable from the site.

To know more about the event and the coordinating club, please drop by

or click on this banner:

We would be looking forward to your entries, especially in the sci-fi category.

Thank you so much to the admin of the board for the permission of this plug, and thank you for those who are going to join.

See you!


by the way, ladies and gentlemen,

It’s exactly a month to go before our 5th Nationals. For those who are interested, please be advised that entries are to be submitted on Sunday, the 25th. The location will be just beside the backstage of the Atrium. This is basically in front of McDonalds.

The Nationals schedule is summarized as follows:

November 25, SundayMall HoursConfirmation of Registration and Submission of Entries

10 pm to 2 amIngress and set up
November 26, MondayMall HoursOpening, Contest Proper and start of judging
November 27, TuesdayMall HoursContest Proper, continuation of judging
November 28, WednesdayMall HoursContest Proper, contiunation of judging
November 29, Thursday5 or 6 pmAnnouncement of Winners and Awarding

10 pm to 2 amEgress

Also, please note that claiming of entries can only be done after mall hours. SM Management mandate.

Thanks! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Comic artist of 30 days of night - > Ben Templesmith in Manila today!

just to remind everyone that the comic signing and first appearance of Ben Templesmith in Manila will be today in Fullybooked, Bonifacio High Street. So grab your comics or buy one at Fullybooked and meet Ben Templesmith in person. This is a great Halloween comic event in Manila. The scary moment in comics is here hahhahaha.



FULLY BOOKED invites you to meet BEN TEMPLESMITH, the visual genius behind
the up-coming, much-awaited horror film, "30 Days of Night."

Australian commercial artist Ben Templesmith is best known for his
horror-themed artwork in "Fell" (Image Comics) and "30 Days of Night" (IDW
Publishing). He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his
groundbreaking comic work.

Ben has an instantly recognizable signature style, a great departure from
the clean linework in most mainstream comic books. In "30 Days" he
established a modern definitive vampire look that has been frequently

Sign up for the exclusive artists' workshops and talks!

October 30
Meet and Greet Ben Templesmith, 6PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 3
Artists' Den Forum with Ben Templesmith and Art Jam, 2-5PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

Book signing, 5-7PM at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 4
Limited Portfolio Review (Limited slots available. Deadline of registration
is October25, 2007)
11AM -12 noon
2 - 4 PM
5 - 7 PM
at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 5
From Concept to Film: An Exclusive Artist Workshop with Ben Templesmith, 2-5
PM at
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
School of Design and Arts Campus
950 P. Ocampo St., Malate Manila
(Open to all and free of charge. Limited slots available, deadline of
registration is October 19, 2007)

To register, please call Fully Booked Customer Service at 858-7000 or email


post from : Ben's LJ
and at Fullybooked's website
see you all later !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Review: TransFormers The Movie DVD

Review by : Mark Cerbo

ReviewReviewReviewReviewTransFormers The Movie DVD
Genre: Action & Adventure
From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a thrilling battle between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS. When their epic struggle comes to Earth, all that stands between the evil DECEPTICONS and ultimate power is a clue held by Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf). Join the fight for mankind in the extra ordinary adventure "features some of the most spectacular action and special effects sequences of any movie of its kind and will appeal to the kid in all of us." -Claudia Puig, USA Today

The biggest movie to hit on DVD was a subject of speculations. There where a lot of hang ups and lose ends that was never explained. But at the end of the day the movie had thrilled a lot of people in the big screen. Now being released on DVD format there was disappointments as I watch both discs. As read in previous reports Michael Bay had to rush the release of the DVD. There was no time to correct Devastator as oppose to Decepticon Brawl in the toy.

There was no extended cut scenes that people expect to see, where it was shown in IMAX in the US. Though it was marketed with a transforming DVD turning into Optimus Prime reactions can be like a knee jerk. The release itself here in the Philippine was little clouded with controversy being a day late, but honestly there where unanswered questions for the delay.

A few comments where quite a surprise how the DVDs look like, they used a well known CD-R brand due to the color of the surface. It was too simple unlike if you compare it to other well known movie it looked a bit cheap.

The US version of the transforming DVD had a Target Exclusive comics, that was released only through the internet unreleased here. Though it was great to see it again this time in the small screen there was something missing. Something that the big screen had to offer what people expect about this DVD.

In the end it attracted buyers to get the heavy marketed transforming DVD but fell a little flat out not having those extras Bay had included in the US released editions.


Same quality that was retained from the big screen plus added Michael Bay's commentary.


The second disc featured some interesting stuff. Interviews by the director, executive producers, actors, Hasbro, and what not...

Our World
The Story Sparks - The beginning and making it in live film.
Human Allies - The humans and people behind it.
I Fight Giant Robots - The actors fight for there lives.
Background - Filming on locations.

Their War
Rise of the robots - Talks about Transformers from G1 to present.
Autobots Roll Out - Featuring our robot heroes.
Decepticon Strike - The evil `con on spotlight.
Inside The Allspark - Blending them in the real world.

More Than Meets The Eye
From The Script To Sand: The Skorponok Desert Attack - Filming the familiar scene.
Concepts - Artwork.
Theatrical Trailer - Contains Trailer 1, 2 & 4.

If your just going to add this to your DVD collection I suggest you get the steel case. For serious fans the transforming DVD, but as of now due to its sold as limited quantities. Overall I'm still optimistic that they will release a four disc edition that has everything. For now a transforming DVD will do for a TransFan like me, but in the end they could have done better.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Comic Odyssey

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Worlds 5 to proceed as planned

forwarding a message from NWA

New Worlds 5 to proceed as planned

In light of the recent explosion at Glorietta 2, the New Worlds
would like to announce that New Worlds 5: The 5th Philippine Science
and Fantasy Convention is proceeding as scheduled on October 27,
2007, at
the Glorietta Activity Center.

Ayala Malls assures all attendees that security will be tighter and
safety of all mall patrons is their highest priority. As a result,
please be
warned that all bags will be inspected. Please be ready to dismantle
unwrap all costumes, props, gadgets and toys for inspection upon
entry into
the mall.

Please leave all weapons and props which may be misconstrued as
weapons at
home. All props which may be misconstrued as a weapon will be marked
peace-bonded for everyone's safety and peace of mind. All such props
remain in the activity area at all times.

The New Worlds Alliance requests all people who intend to attend the
to comply with with these security regulations for a safe convention
everyone will enjoy.

Rej Layug

New Worlds Website Overlord
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
New Worlds 5!
October 27, 2007
Glorietta Activity Center

Comic Book Signing with John Beatty, Leinil Francis Yu, Etc.

snatching this post from :

// I cant go there, and im at my own event at the comic seminar.
now all i need is a power of jamie madrox... huhuuhuhuh

it seems that OCTOBER is really for COMICS MONTH.

Comic Odyssey will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary with a signing event with John Beatty, Leinil Francis Yu, Edgar Tadeo, Mico Suayan and myself.

The event will be held on October 27, 2007, Saturday, at the 3rd Floor, Pedro Gil Wing of Robinson’s Place along Pedro Gil in Malate, Manila from 1pm to 5pm. Raffles will be held every half hour.

This is John’s second visit to the Philippines, and as many comic book fans would know, John is the legendary inker for many comic books for Marvel and DC including the very first Secret Wars, Captain America, Batman, Superman, The Nam, Spiderman, Avengers, GI Joe, Green Lantern, Justice League, Magneto, New Mutants, The Punisher, and so many more.

Leinil Francis Yu is my one time pencilling partner on many titles including Superman: Birthright, High Roads, New X-Men Annual 2001, Fantastic Four Annual 2001, Wolverine, and Silent Dragon. He’s since worked on Ultimate Hulk and Wolverine and New Avengers.

Edgar Tadeo is a very talented curly guy who has either colored or inked titles like Spawn, Iron Man, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Captain America, and High Roads.

Mico Suayan has recently knocked people dead with his debut on Marvel’s Moon Knight.

FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CALL: 536-8070, or email Sandy Sansolis at nixshop (at)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Electrolychee Limited Edition Plushies

snatching this blog post from :

ElectroLychee, the dynamic cutesy design duo recently released their new Ninja Plushies retailing at 350 pesos each. There are only 50 made in the entire run, so try to grab one of ‘em as soon as you can at select stores! Making the world cuter, one plushie at a time. We recommend you get both of them now because knowing plushie collectors, it may be hard to look for them once they’re gone!


Ch-check out more details from the Lychees at their Livejournal.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More sweets and treat at the Comics and Manga Day in Powerbooks, SM Megamall

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panel moderator Az boy bato

It was a big success for the Comics and Manga Day 2007, and even that there is no such event or day celebration for comics, we had just started a new beginning to have focus about creating comics and the joys of reading it. In line with the Arts and Literature of the month at Powerbooks, Glass House Graphics and Studio Sakka gives a wonderful panel discussion, art show, exhibit and drawing demo to all. As the people says in the event, it was more on an inspirational and motivation panel talks with the artist. Discussing from the life of an artists, from the discipline and values up to the challenges and success from doing a job that they truly love.

There was also a hot topic about Manga and Japanese comics, and still many people are interested in the topic, I opened the topic about hentai, doujinshi comics, the market, about being part of the pop culture, and american style manga. and many more.

The forum was great, I learned a lot from the pros. It was an open forum, so there was interaction between the audience and the speakers. It had also been a while since I talked in front of a large crowd, this time, as a member of the audience. - (art professor)

People stayed from 1PM up to 7PM, and they didnt leave even we did a 30 minute break.
total of 60 people attended the event, plus walk in visitors. There were also Koreans who participated in the panels and also big comics readers, fans, artist and collectors who went at the event after attending a toy launch.

then at the end we raffle off Wilson's artwork and also free tickets of the comics seminar

Another round of applause to our pinoy comic artists.

During the event, I promised to them all that next year will be a big Comics and manga Day.

see you all on 2008 :)

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Deviant Art people in front row seat

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Harvey Tolibao on pencils

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interaction with the artists

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full house venue

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more panel discussions with Julius Gopez, Bonkz Seriosa, Wilson Tortosa, Dan, Ernest Jocson and Raymund Bermudez (not on pic)

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1st batch panel with Bong Dazo, Wilson Tortosa, Jay David Ramos.
Harvey Tolibao, Jeff Huet (both not on pic)

more photos at Comics and Manga Day @ Powerbooks, SM Megamall

For more information about the Comics and Manga Day 2007
email : azrael at gmail dot com

Glass House Graphics website

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 18

busy since yesterday, just dropped off the banner tarp of the comic seminar at powerbooks megamall and pirnted some posters for the comics and manga day, an event project with powerboks megamall.

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now im making our tv ad and i woke up early in the morning so excited to do video editing again. i just installed an old adobe premiere, but im a little rusty in editing and my last video edit was 4 yrs ago, it seems that im having a hard time familiaring all this tools hehhheee..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Philippine ToyCon 2008 Logo Contest WINNER


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