The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or TOYCON is a highly-anticipated annual event which celebrates the diversity of collecting as a hobby

which is highlighted by the launch of upcoming blockbuster movies, the latest games and gadgets, awesome advances in animation, comics, anime and manga

and the sensation of the latest releases in toys and collectibles. It is a gathering of collectors, cosplay enthusiasts, gamers, artists and musicians

all bonded by a common passion. It is simply put the biggest pop culture event in the country.

See you this June 8-June 10, 2018 at the SMX CONVENTION CENTER HALLS 1-4, SM MALL OF ASIA, Manila, Philippines

Monday, July 31, 2006

DC SuperHeroes in Postal Mail STAMP

I really wish that here in the Philippines we could have our own local superheroes postal stamps just like in the USA

read more:

Internet helps expansion of Toycon


They're colorful, made of molded plastic or die-cast metal and are put in equally colorful boxes. They could be tiny and or life-size. Some are covered in dust and some have never left their packaging boxes. Some are cheap and some are extremely expensive. Nonetheless, everyone loves them.

They are toys. And the Internet has helped in assembling enthusiasts and beginners alike virtually and in real life for a congregation of collectibles in a hobbyist's haven.

What better way to love toys than by having a big exhibit featuring them? This was most apparent in the last Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention at the SM Megamall where thousands of people, young and old, enthusiasts and casual collectors, came together to have a visual treat of the biggest exhibit of toys and collectibles in the country.

Azrael Coladilla, the organizer of Toycon, said the event has been expanding in the last few years. Even the spacious Megatrade Hall was not big enough for this year's Toycon. They're already thinking of moving the event somewhere bigger.

"We've had nearly 100 exhibitors this year compared to just 60 to 70 in the previous years," Coladilla said.

Coladilla attributed the increasing size of Toycon to the Internet where collectors find each other through newsgroups, specialty collection sites or through trading websites.
"Many started trading collectibles through their mobile phones but it was the Internet that really boosted the industry."

He also said the movie industry made collectibles even bigger, particularly movies based on comic book or cartoon characters.

This year's Toycon, as it is called, is perhaps the biggest one ever held by Collectibles Unlimited. The SM Megatrade Hall 2, the biggest space in Megamall, was packed to the walls. Aside from representative collector shops and hobby groups, there were a slew of individuals who put up their own kiosks either to show off their collections or trade these with other rare toys. One such collector's kiosk had racks of unopened boxes of limited edition Star Wars character busts, figurines, light sabers and vehicles. There were two kiosks with mostly McFarlane or Weta Workshop action figures.

Some shops also featured hardbound and magazine Marvel, DC and Vertigo comics, trinkets, custom-designed shirts and giveaway toys from fast food shops. There were dozens of resellers of Tamiya vehicle model kits, military action figures and mecha model kits of Voltes V, Gundam and Mazinger Z. One collector even brought in a custom-made living room table with a transparent top showing unopened boxes of two Voltron Vehicle Team toys.

Two days into ToyCon and there was no slowing down of people streaming into Megatrade Hall. In fact, the organizers had to control the entry of people to avoid overcrowding. The aisles were so packed that one would have had difficulty making his way through as people huddled. But then again, business was brisk; a representative kiosk of popular anime shop 2Rats was selling anime merchandise like hotcakes. Most of their sales came from the video copies of popular anime, which they were selling for half the price. There were also manga, Japanese comics with English translations. Not surprisingly, there were a few manga that were in Japanese.

"We have a few buyers who want the Japanese versions. Pinoy sila" was the answer of the sales lady, referring to the otakus who are so addicted to everything Japanese that they even learned the language.

It wasn't hard to miss the limited-edition busts and figurines of DC, Marvel and movie characters. Major favorites were 12-inch Superman figures, especially with the screening of "Superman Returns," as well as the Terminator/Terminatrix figures and the Alien Versus Predator figures.

Coladilla said anime is also a new staple in Toycon. Whereas anime events were frequent in the country for years, Toycon only started introducing anime cosplay recently and the number of participants was a surprise even to him.

"But that's why we included anime; it's also a genre of collectibles so it is just right to get them together with the other collectors," he said.

As for next year's Toycon, Coladilla promised that it would be bigger and better than this year. There are plans of moving out to a bigger area but that may not happen until after next year.

"We've been having Toycon in SM Megamall eversince it started and we're known for having it here. Regardless I'm sure the 6 th Toycon will be an even bigger event."

tnx to Alex Villafania for writing this article !

ToyCon in FHM Augugst 2006 issue

August cover issue.

thanks to FHM Managing Editor Allan Hernandez for putting up our event- Toycon 2006 in their INCOMING page. including photos of toys, cosplay and the event.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

5th Toycon 2006 Net 25 feature
thanks to Net 25 for covering our event last june 2006!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Spider-man 3, Venom pic news!

we haven't seen yet the Venom character in the movie, but here's the 1st teaser photo of the movie Spider-man 3. This is the closest yet pic before Venom's appearance. I guess the costume will turn out like Spidey with add on CGI effects and right now Im thinking of the animated series of Spider-man for Venom's voice.

image below shows that they are now auctioning off artworks of Alex Ross that was used in the opening intro of Spider-man 2, you can visit this link for the auction page. and I know these artworks are one cool collectible.

Peter Cullen is now the voice of Optimus Prime for the TransFormers Live Action Movie

According to the official movie site and other TF website that Peter Cullen the original voice actor and dubber of the Original Animated series TransFormers - Optimus Prime, already confirmed last San Diego Comic Con tru a phone patch that he really now an official voice cast actor for the movie and is now back as the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime for the TransFormers live action movie for the 2007 release.

to see and download the TransFormers Comic Con mini one sheet exclusives pls. visit TransFormers Philippines at

Friday, July 21, 2006

TransFormers movie 2007 website

for those who didn't know...., check out for the official announcement of the movie TransFormers. And mind you all that this movie is not an animated motion picture but it is the Live Action movie of the popular transforming robot.

on the early updates, you can see the teaser trailer of the movie, you must have a FLASH 8 installed in your PC. Also download the wallpapers of the movie.

and here's a short update on whats happening


Don't Worry About How The Transformers Will Look

People need to relax about how the Transformers will visually look in the movie next summer. No, I'm not talking about Bumblebee not being a VW, or Megatron not being a gun, or the fact that Optimus Prime is going to be a long nose truck instead of a flat nosed truck (which makes total sense to me after reading Bay's reasoning for that... not that I cared much before reading his article). Yes, people do need to relax about these things too... but I'm not talking about that.

The thing I'm talking about is the CGI. How will the "robots in disguise" look when transformed and doing epic city destroying battle! Many people (including me) has said in the past that much of the "success" of The Transformers will depend on this element. Well no one has to worry... because the very best company in the business is doing the visual effects and animating then... ILM (Industrial Light and Magic). Yeah, Lucas' company.

In the VFX world, there is ILM, and then there is everybody else. ILM isn't the only great VFX company out there (WETA, Rythym and Hues, ComputerCafe, Rainmaker) but they are the best of the best and they are working The Transformers.
There are going to be lots of things to be worried about on The Transformers, but how these things will look is certainly not one of them

Spider-man 3 3rd teaser poster

this is the thing that I really like, movie that releases lots of teaser poster really boost their market, and this poster really is a great idea for a comic cover too.

the web will be stickier on May 4, 2007

Turtles in Action

check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys, included in a kiddie meal of the fast food, Jollibee.
this toy will be available in limited time only,. I am a fan of these characters since highschool and now Im happy to see them again in new animation and cool toys.

Leonardo, Kick and Flip

Michaelangelo, Spin Kick

Donatello, Revolver

Raphael, Quick Draw

you can see the live toy demo here at

ahahaha.. i just saw the commercial. and its so cute...
the martial arts master in the ads looks like Mr. Miyagi

1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards 2006

Official List of Winners from Fullybooked and Neil Gaiman


1st place (tied) - "The God Equation" by Michael Go
1st - "A Strange Map of Time by" Ian Casocot
2nd - "The Great Philippine Space Mission" by Philbert Dy
3rd - "Atha" by Michaela Atienza

1st Honorable Mention - "The Omega Project" by Kim Marquez
3rd Honorable Mention - "Monstrous Cycle" by Cecilia Estrada
4th Honorable Mention - "Stella for Star" by Yvette

1st - "The Mad Sad Incredible But True Adventures of Hika Girl" by Clara Lala Gallardo and Maria Gallardo
2nd - "Splat" by Manuel Abrera
3rd - "Dusk" by Rommel Joson
3rd - "Defiant: The Battle of Mactan" by Juan Paolo Ferrer and Chester Ocampo

Monday, July 17, 2006

The 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and
Collectibles Convention 2006

Event Coverage
By: Lace Llanora and Azrael Coladilla

June 17-18, 2006 - Hundreds of people lined up outside the SM Megatrade Hall 2 in a queue snaking all the way from the entrance of the convention hall to the 3rd floor of Megamall Building B. There were strangely garbed characters in full armor or elegant costumes, enthusiastic hobbyists and shoppers who’d waited all year to spend what they saved for this event, curious onlookers and of course, the kids and young at heart who were pulled in by the huge Superman display right at the entrance. Could this be the first day of one of the biggest events of the year?

A resounding YES to that. The 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2006 was underway and looked to be bigger than anybody had ever expected. With more than 80 exhibitors and various groups participating this year, the event is the biggest collectibles and hobbies event in the Philippines so far. Organized annually by the Collectibles Unlimited Association, this much-anticipated event outdoes itself every year in terms of scale and attendance. This year was no different with almost 11,000 people filling the venue to capacity for both days of the event, toppling last year’s record attendance of about 6,000. Every year, more and more exhibitors, sponsors, cosplayers, performers and patrons participate in the event.

The SM Megatrade Hall 2, being one of the biggest venues for such conventions, still couldn’t hold all the excited patrons of this event prompting some participants to air the need to get a bigger venue next year. The line extended down two floors below the event and tickets allocated for two days ran out after day one and had to be reproduced for day two. “We under estimated the crowd again, and now we need bigger venue next year, because the hobbyists and the audience of Toycon is growing” said Vic Yap, one of the members of Collectibles Unlimited Association.

A sea of toy sellers and buyers sent waves of energy around the crowded spaces, yet despite the jam-packed venue no one seemed to mind. It was a veritable cornucopia of all things wonderful, valuable and collectible. Just imagine hunting and finding rare toys, comics, movies, artwork and other memorabilia, combined with all sorts of exciting online games, sexy cosplayers, booth babes, comic artists, celebrities, and independent rock bands all under one roof. The event was eye-candy in live action.

The event formally opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by actors and celebrity voice talents, Ricci Chan and Joseph Bitangcol, of Hero TV’s Voltes V: Evolution.

This Year’s Theme: Superman Returns

This year’s Toy Convention theme was the Superhero, celebrating the mythology and wonderment of these larger than life characters. And at the center of this all was a celebration of the return of the biggest superhero of all, Superman. A walk-in exhibit of the movie, Superman Returns greeted the attendees, satisfying them at once after they had successfully entered and battled it out in the long queue. Warner Bros. displayed various movie production photos and played all episodes of director Bryan Singer’s production video journal. Toycon goers enjoyed having their photo taken behind the huge Superman setup.

Comic artists also exhibited Superman-related artworks. Among the artists were Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan. Both artists exhibited their comics cover artworks of DC Comic’s Superman Birthright. Other international comic artists like Carlo Pagulayan, Edwin David, Gilbert Monsanto and Ryan Orosco also contributed their own Superman artworks mirroring their own art styles. Roland Mechael conceptual artists of Superman PS2 game and independent artists like Adrian Arcega, Emmanuel Xerx Javier, also shared their works

Pinoy Toy Kolektors, a local online toy collecting community also participated by sharing and featuring their most valuable Superman collectibles - from toys, action figures, and merchandise.

Non-stop Band Performances

Music was non-stop during the event. The Battle of the Tribute Band contest provided a good venue for budding musicians to showcase their sounds. In between the competitors were huge bands in the indie music scene. Among them were Reklamo, the Late Isabel, Fuse Boxx, Hubris, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking man, and the country’s premiere pop acapella group, the Akafellas. Japanese cover bands like Neotaku, Do ‘Ahou, Rotshreck, Etherial Anthem, and Mini Musume Philippines, brought live anime and Japanese music to the audience. The Ducklings, first placer on the Battle of the Tribute Band, dedicated their original composition to all underdog anime characters like Sakuragi of Slam Dunk, Naruto, and Rock Lee. “Support for Filipino music and art is one of the event’s highlight, showcasing the Filipino’s finest in the artform of music, comics, and crafts. This year was a great fusion of hobbies, music, and visual art. Every year, the Toy Convention unites the country’s best artists in one big event” says Azrael Coladilla, one of the event’s organizers.

Customized Action Figure Contest

This year, more entries were received for the Customized Action Figure Contest. Bigger, and more detailed figures were submitted, judged, and showcased at the 5th Toycon. The mecha and diorama category had the most number and impressive entries due to their generously proportioned scale and detail. A six-armed X-Men Sentinel won 1st place in the large-scale Action Figure Customized category.

More than action figures, die-cast cars were also included as entries to this contest. One of the crowd’s favorites was a model of a local taxi cab and a diecast Combi Batmobile.
Collectibles Unlimited Association member and organizer, Lou Garcia said, “The Diorama category is better arranged and set up each year, and now the toy hobbyist and collectors are getting serious in customizing their own toys and figures”.

Cosplay Competition

Cosplay, or the art of “costume play” is one of the event’s highlights each year. A swarm of colorful wings, costumes, and wigs moved around the Megatrade Hall for two days. Patrons and on-lookers had their photos taken with the cosplayers while they went agog over some cosplayers’ guts and creativity. A catwalk was provided to satisfy casual photographers and the awaiting audience’s curiousity on the cosplayers’s costumes and hot outfits. The Philippines’ finest cosplayers never fail to attend this activity every year. First timers had their taste of what it’s like to be a cosplayer. The Toy Convention is one of the many events that inspire and give venue to these cosplayers. “Every year the impact of the cosplay event really begins here, and this time the costumes are a lot better than in previous years. From costumed mecha, to famous movie fantasy and sci-fi characters to some of the best superhero costume designs, the cosplay is really a crowd pleaser and a truly memorable experience for all,” exclaims Cholo Mallillin, of Collectibles Unlimited.

Winners were Dracula Demon of Castlevania, May of Guilty Gear, Sailor Chibimoon, Angel Sanctuary group, Naruto group, Magical Knight Rayearth group.

City Pinoy Superhero

Filipinos are creative when it comes to conceptualizing art, this contest gave a chance to the artists to create and make their own local superheroes representing any city in the Philippines. If Superman patrols Metropolis, Batman is the guardian of Gotham City, and Spiderman swings to the rescue on the streets of New York, the 5th Toycon, artists contestant showed that there are other superheroes guarding their very own cities. Basyo Willigart, Superhero of Cavite City by Emmanuel Cassallas, won 1st place for the Create your own Pinoy City Superhero. Other winners were, Red Bandana - Guardian of Pasay City by Van Cleef Emnacen and Diego D’ ultimo Barbero - Superhero of Meycauyan City by Danielle Cinaban. The superhero art contest was judged by the Artists’ Den, actor-toy collector Ding Dong Dantes, and his partner Karylle.

Comic Convention frontside

During the 5th Toy Convention, local and best artists in the Philippines gathered and displayed their artworks at the Superman Memorabilia. Artists who were present included Carlo Pagulayan, Wilson Tortosa, Ryan Orosco, and Leinil Yu. Gerry Alanguilan of Komikero Publishing, whose works include the inking of Superman: Birthright and Silent Dragon, released his new comic entitled “ELMER”. Art and comic group Artists’ Den showcased their indie comics and Lyndon Gregorio launched his new book titled Beerkada: Off Campus. “This year, a special tribute and posthumous award was given to Alfredo Alcala, one of the early Filipino master illustrators who attained success in the U.S. as a comic book artist,” Albert Lee Gan said, one of the organizers. “We should really give recognition to these artists, because they are Filipinos who leave a legacy and give singular honor to our country and also to the comic and art industry”.

The Legacy of Alcala exhibit was the 2nd exhibit here in Manila and many Filipinos were surprised to know that Alfredo Alcala Sr. is widely known in the States. Now, his name spreads among the new crop of artists who are inspired after seeing Alcala’s works. And do you know that Alfredo Alcala Sr. created the infamous character, Boba Fett of the Star Wars Original trilogy? Alfredo Alcala Jr, son of Alcala Sr. explains that their dad created it first in a comic strip newspaper before the Empire Strikes Back movie was even released.

Science Fiction Convention backside

Even the Imperial Empire did not miss the event, members of the Star Wars Philippines was there in full costume. Fully armored Storm Troopers and Darth Vader went up on stage alongside the Jedi knights, and even a talking C-3PO droid which is the first such full costume in the Philippines. The amazed crowd watched as it talked and cheered as one of the finest costumed members of Star Wars Philippines.

Art Asylum

The Toy Convention had an international impact on the attendees as well as Digger Mesch, founder of the US toy manufacturing company Art Asylum together with chief artist Yuri Timg and Chris Lee of Hongkong-based Tackli Toys conducted a talent search for artists and sculptors for their new company called Full On Entertaiment. Inside the FUDGE magazine booth, Digger personally handpicked a local crop of fortunate artists to join his internationally-renowned team. On Day 2, Digger Mesch, Yuri Timg and Mike Tang joined the Pinoy Toy Kolektors, a local toy club of collectors in a panel forum discussion and talked about collecting toys as a hobby. While Digger and the others discussed future plans on their new company, he released a teaser mold and art concept of a new Marvel Comics toy line modeled and crafted by their company.

Anime and Online Games

Anime and online games are one of the features of the 5th Toy Convention. Hero TV, our local cable anime channel was there featuring their latest anime shows and introducing their latest anime voice dubbers to the audience. Displayed near their booth is the life-size figures of Naruto, Mirmo de Pon, and the complete Voltes V team pilot members. Hero TV gave away a brand new Red Fox PC to the lucky raffle winner.

Online Games of Legend of Mir 2, Ran Online of E-games, teamed up in support for the 5th Toy Convention. Live gaming and contest was held in their activity booths. Level Up Games conducted a stage game for gamers and it was called “Zeni or Bayong”.

At the Games Masters Magazine booth, it was a battle head to head video game tournament of TEKKEN 5, the most highest number wins will rule the tournament, Blitz, the winner for day 2 has a total of 120 consecutive wins.

Toys Are With Us

Maxi Collector, Comic Alley, Sideshow, Dollhauz, and Fully Booked displayed and also sold lots of toys and sculptures. A glass display was used for 2 days at the event and it was filled with toys, from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, to DC and Marvel to Pullip Dolls and Anime Figures of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. High-end statues and beautifully crafted action figures served as eye candy for toy collectors and hobbyists. While for other newbies, this display gave them a quick idea on what’s new and hot in the toy market, and also how pricey some of the items can be.

TransFormers Philippine (TFPH) hosted their annual TransFormers Speed Up contest on stage, and this year they gave away TransFormers toys like the new toy, Primus and limited items to lucky winners of the contest. “We bring Transformers to the Filipino fans young and older audience who's "young at heart". TFPH is not about a group, we are friends promoting the "barkada" and camaderie of what is Transformers Fans Philippines.” Mark Cerbo said, founder of TransFormers Philippines.

More Toys Ahead

It was another successful year for the annual Toycon on its 5th year. But the work continues to make next year an even bigger and better event. “It was definitely a huge success, but then again we are only as good as our last event. There definitely will be more improvement in terms of the way we stage this event and better things in store for 2007,” says Vic Yap. “There will be other similar events like this during the year, and in particular, we want to bring the Toycon to Cebu, maybe during the Sinulog Festival of 2007.” That is definitely something to look forward to down south during the start of next year.

Collectibles Unlimited’s Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006 was super-powered by SM Megatrade Hall, Globelines , HERO TV , The Legend of MIR 2, SM Megamall, Fully Booked, Fudge Magazine, GLOBE, E-Games, Level-Up, Maxi Collector, Comic Alley, WACOM, Psicom, Bankee, BPI and Citibank Credit Cards, Warner Brothers Pictures, and media sponsors, Manila Bulletin, K-Zone, Games Master and RAVE magazine, Buy and Sell, Magic 89.9 and NU 107.

Check out the official website at for more info and details on the next event.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards 2006
Schedule of Programs

The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards

10:00 am: Gates to the Exhibit Open

12 noon: Special showing of the film "Mirrormask"

3:00pm-4:00pm: Artists Unmasked: A Q & A Forum with renowned local comic artists:
Alfredo Alcala Jr.
Gerry Alanguilan
Ace Mansala Balacio
Wilson Tortosa

4:15pm-5:00pm: Pieces of Prose: A live reading of excerpts from the best fiction entries
featuring the voices of:

Dean Alfar, 8 time Palanca Award winner and renowned playwright
Aia de Leon, lead singer and guitarist of IMAGO
Ramona Diaz, Sundance Award-winning filmmaker of "Imelda"
Karen Kunawicz, writer, editor, founder of "LOST" fan club
Iya Yotoko, host of Digital Tour
Gino de la Paz, Super! Columnist, Preview lifestyle editor-at-large
Wawi Navarozza, lead singer of The Late Isabel

5:15pm-6:00pm: Drawn Live: Real time, on-the-spot comics creation and tutorials by
Wilson Tortosa

6:30pm-7:00pm: Outer Hope performance

THE UNMASKING: Awarding Ceremonies/ Introduction - Animation

7:15pm: OPENING NUMBER by Pinikpikan and fire performance by Planet Zips.

8:00pm: Awarding of the winners of the Prose Category

8:30pm: Awarding of the People's Choice Awards and the Most Creative Mask

9:00pm: Awarding of the winners of the Comics Category

Whole day: *Booths selling comic books, graphic novels, novels, collectibles, T-shirts, Fully
Booked merchandise, etc
*Food booths
*Red Horse selling station



Most Creative Mask -- An overnight stay at the Astoria Plaza

Comics People's Choice Award: 1. Comic books and posters
2. Lucerne watch

Prose People's Choice Award: 1. An overnight stay at the Astoria Plaza
2. Lucerne watch


7 2pc Comic book set
10 Citibank umbrellas
3 Mirrormask picture books
An advanced copy of Stephen King's latest novel "Lisey's Story"
An advanced copy of David & Leigh Eddings' "The Younger Gods"
Baseman notebook
2 Spiderman door posters

WE WILL ALSO BE FREE Meg Magazines to the first 150 girls who register!

Phew! Okay, one more day guys!

Fully Booked Management.

FULLY BOOKED in cooperation with award-winning author NEIL GAIMAN are pleased to present UNMASKED: The First Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards Night, on July 15, Saturday at the Rockwell Tent. Gates open at 10AM with an exhibition of the short listed entries. The winners of the prose fiction and comics categories will be announced at 7PM, with the grand prize of P100,000 for the first place winners.

Come in your original mask and the most creative masks will win exciting prizes!

Brought to you by Chikka Asia, Bidshot, NU 107, Philippine Daily Inquirer Super and 2BU, Meg Magazine, Hero TV, MTV Philippines, Rockwell Tent and Astoria Plaza.

Mark your calendars --- July 15, SOME DREAMS WILL COME TRUE.



16th July 2006, Rockwell Tent


11:30 - Welcome Remarks
12:30 - Wheel of Time: Belly Dancing
1:00 - Ignite Media VFX Seminar
2:00 - The Philippine Order of Narnians Trivia Contest
2:30 - The Philippine Tolkien Society LOTR Weddings
3:00 - The Philippine Order of Narnians Seminar on "The Problem of
Susan" by the Renaissance Alternative University
4:00 - Star Wars Philippines Saber Squad Lightsaber Fight Demo
4:15 - New Worlds Amazing Race Opening Ceremonies
5:00 - Level Up! Activity
6:30 - Masquerade Ball

12:00 - 6:00 - RPGs, board games and card games by Arkham Philippines,
AEGIS, and the Philippine Highlander Society
2:00 - Pinoy Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Memorial Ceremony:
a. "Alas! Ear wax!: Remembering the Supreme Mugwump" - a talk by Prof.
Frances Sangil, De La Salle University
b. Open Forum about Albus Dumbledore
c. Awarding of Winners of the "Dumbledore Tribute Socks Design Contest"
3:00 - CharmedPinoy Potion-Making
6:30 - Masquerade Ball (See here for Masquerade Ball schedule.)

10:00 - Star Trek: Undiscovered Country
12:00 - Labyrinth
1:00 - Twilight Zone marathon
2:30 - Serenity
4:30 - Writers' Panel
5:30 - Twilight Zone marathon
7:30 - Cosplay Contest Participants' Dressing Room
10:00 - MirrorMask

1. Musical Number by The Luscious Malfoys
2. Awarding of the Winners of the RF Online Caption Contest
3. Parade of Royalty
4. Parade of Cosplay Contest Participants
5. Musical Numbers by The Late Isabel
6. NWA Race Finale
7. Awarding of NWA Race Winners
8. Musical Number by The Purplechickens
9. Awarding of Winners of the Cosplay Contest - Ball Category
10. Musical Number by Reklamo
11. Awarding of NWA Caption Contest Winners
12. Awarding of the Best Booth Winner
13. Awarding of Winners of the Cosplay Contest - Science Fiction and
Fantasy Category

For more information, please visit:

Monday, July 10, 2006

New Worlds 4 : A Broken Time Machine,
The Fourth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

New Worlds Alliance, Fully Booked and Level Up! present:

New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine, The Fourth Philippine Science
Fiction and Fantasy Convention

July 16, 2006

The Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall

Celebrate the pleasures and adventures of science fiction and fantasy fandom with over 20 local enthusiast groups! Join us in New Worlds Alliance's fourth campaign in bringing this celebration to life!

For more info, visit us at or email us at

activities are :
Writers' Panel / Auction / NWA Race / Cosplay contest / Masquerade Ball /Caption Contest

NWA groups
Arkham Philippines
BSG Philippines
Charmed Pinoy
The Matrix Philippines
Mecha Pinoy
Pinoy Harry Potter
Philippine Highlander Society
P'noy Ta'veren Ma'vron
Pinoy X-Philes
Sci-Fi Philippines
Stargate Philippines
Star Trek Philippines
Star Wars Philippines
The Philippine Order of Narnians
The Philippine Tolkien Society

Saturday, July 8, 2006

5th Philippine ToyCon on TV tonight!

(showing tonight, July 8, 2006)

the ToyCon experience and event is aired tonight! Featuring Toys,Cosplays, Games, Booths, Comics, ToyCon people and celebrities.

Channel - Net 25
program - TRIBE

TRiBE is an infortainment show that tells the stories of real people, portraits of lives and reflection of the Filipino culture. Short but informative, relevant and real and on top of it all, full of knowledge that help equip Filipinos to cope up with the changing times. TRiBE, shorter shows, bigger info.

SHOWTIMES : Saturdays and Sundays @ 7:00 pm; Mondays to Fridays @ 7:01 pm

@10pm, every Saturday and Sunday of July 2006
Channel - Hero TV
program - July Theatrixx

Thanks to Net 25, Hero TV and Digital Tour for featuring ToyCon 2006.
the Toycon Digital Tour of Studio 23 channel was aired last sunday, but we will upload the video in as soon as we get our copy from Dtour.

check your local TV and Cable listings of your cable provider for the channel line up of Net 25 and HERO TV.

Toycon video in

Our friends and Toycon attendee's made their own Toycon video featurette in the internet.
thanks so much for uploading it and sharing your video copy of the event.

click the link below to view and select the video footages

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Live Action Figure Cosplay 2006 contest
winners photos

Best Male : Dracula (Demon ver) of Castlevania
Best Female : Guilty Gear

Best Chibi (kids category) : Sailor Chibi moon

Best Group 1st Place : Angel Sanctuary Group
2nd Place: Naruto Group
3rd Place : Magical Knight Rayearth

Convention Booth Babe 2006 contest

Booth Babe 2006 winner, from E-Games

Booth Babes of E-Games, Suzaku Lace, Storm of Globe Lines

Booth babes of Globe lines and Legend of MIR

Monday, July 3, 2006

New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine -
[Caption Contest]

(sample photo only)

Photo Caption Contest Mechanics

Here's your chance to win P1,000! It's so easy!

1. A set of five photos will be posted in the New Worlds Alliance
website every week, four of which are already captioned by the
contest committee for the public?s viewing pleasure. One photo will
be left without a caption. This will be the official caption contest

2. Participants may view and download the contest photos in

3. Each participant is required to have an online blog or journal.
The downloaded photo should be posted as a blog or journal entry,
and should already be captioned accordingly.

The journal entry with the caption should also include the following
text and link: "The New Worlds Alliance, Fully Booked, PLDT and
Level Up! present: New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine - The Fourth
Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, July 16, 2006,
Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall"

4. The set of photos from the previous week will be archived and
placed in a new section. The link to the archive will be posted in
the New Worlds Alliance website. The archived photos are still
eligible for the contest, and participants should indicate what week
their entry is from, as stated in item no. 5.

5. To register an entry in the contest, send an email to with the following information:

a. Name
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5. Participants should only send one photo per email; however, they
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6. Participants are highly encouraged to make their captions as
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of the photo and its caption working together. However, the contest
committee prohibits any obscene innuendos and strong language to be
included in the captions.

7. There will be one winner per week. The duration of the contest is
three weeks; therefore an overall of three winners will be selected.

8. Winners will be announced during the awarding ceremonies which
will take place in "New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine" on July 16,
2006 in Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall.

9. Prizes for the NWA Caption Contest winners shall be P1,000 cash
per week. Prizes for the RF Online Caption Contest winners shall be
1 set RF Darkhole Advent Game, P500 (1 month) subscription to RF
Online, and an RF Online loot bag per week.

The New Worlds Alliance and Fully Booked present:
The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards

July 15, 2006
The Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall
Join us as we exhibit original works in fiction and comics, and
award the best of them with a grand cash prize of P100,000!

New Worlds Alliance, Fully Booked, PLDT MyDSL and Level Up! present:
New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine, The Fourth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

July 16, 2006
The Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall
Celebrate the pleasures and adventures of science fiction and fantasy fandom with over 20 local enthusiast groups! Join us in New Worlds Alliance's fourth campaign in bringing this celebration to life!

For more info, visit us at or email us at

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Anime Alliance Philippine's News Article
for the 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies & Collectibles Convention 2006

June 17, 2006

A very successful event from ToyCon has just ended… the maximum capacity of Mega Trade Hall 2 has almost been surpassed not only if they stopped selling tickets early around 5:30 pm at their first day as the inside was jam-packed! They had numerous events and the traditional "bring me" game which they held on and off to give away prizes such as an exclusive poster of Superman Returns ToyCon edition…

Also the Acafellas performed around 2:00 pm and followed by some bands that played their original composition as a tribute to their favorite band or anime character. Late Isabel also played promoting their album and got the house rocking with them before the cosplay started around 6:30… as the Cosplay event started… everyone became wild as over 170 cosplayers filled the cosplay area and one by one rolling down the catwalk as they posed not only for the judges… but for the crowd. A lot of highlights as 3 to 4 mechas has been seen which you can't see in every convention… A lot cosplayed as the hero of FMA and also a group of Sailormoon hotties tagged along the stage…rare animes and games such as Suikoden 2, Devil May Cry 3, and even the Koreanovela "Jewel in the Palace" has been brought to the cosplay competition!

It was surely an exciting first night for ToyCon as it continues the next day…

Anime Alliance Philippines Exclusive Interview with HERO TV Producer, Mr. Eric Go
Correspondent: Irene Jean Cabalquinto

What do you think of this year's ToyCon?
A: Well this year's ToyCon I think is the biggest and aside from that, we've observed that there are several new companies and organizations wherein they stress interest in joining the convention…

HERO Channel's anniversary is just around the corner… would HERO have some activities?
Of course… this year we're planning it with a bigger venue, at the same time we've closed a deal with World Trade Center, so pretty much we're sure about the idea of holding it there. We're trying to copy and at the same time exceed the expectations of the anime fans that we're better than Tokyo Anime fair. This time... if last year there were a lot of booth and events. This year is bigger and better including higher rappelling for Naruto, we would have a lot of aquarium-type booths for the toy collectors, we also have bands… and the stage is wonderful… so definitely it will be bigger and better… and I think probably the best.

Since HERO Channel came out, there has been a series of anime conventions here in Metro Manila… what would you say about that?
Well… of course first of all.. the trust… probably the goal of HERO TV is to immerse the channel to all the Anime communities in the Philippines especially here in Metro Manila, that's why.. every now and then, if there's any convention or event that's sponsored by different anime community organizations, we really join in, because we want the people to know especially the Anime fans that we're here to support.

HERO is needed out in the provinces as well as a lot of raging Anime Fans wants to get a hold of your channel… is HERO taking steps for this?
Of course… maybe late next year.. we're planning to have a HERO TV Caravan, wherein we'll visit the key cities here in the Philippines like for example, Baguio city, Cebu city, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao city… So we are planning to have a mini convention on those cities to bring in all the Anime titles we have, bring in all the costumes, the sculptures we have to enjoy.

Would you like to reach out to them and give a few words?
HERO TV is not only for Metro Manila fans, I mean HERO TV is for everyone, everybody here in the Philippines because after all, our market is for the Filipinos… and we would just like to say, it may sound corny.. but we want to say that… "dito sa HERO TV, lahat ng anime fans ang bida" (Here in HERO TV, the anime fans are number 1)

A lot of HERO fans out there are really rooting for your channel and support in the anime industry… would you like to give a few words?
Uhm, okay… so maybe… I think the key word there is "unite" Let's help one another, because we're not different from each other. Like for example, HERO TV loves anime, we want to broadcast all the wonderful anime, you guys, want to watch good Anime titles… so there's no point to say that we're the best or to say that we're the greatest, or the biggest… for us here… we're only one, that's why all anime communities whether it's small or big, pro-Japanese or not, whether it's for collections or not, we have to unite. Because the aim of HERO TV is to come up with a good council, and I'm inviting Anime Alliance to be part of the council. We started the council three months ago… the pioneer members of the council, UPAme, UST Tomasinotaku, De LaSalle Nihon Kenkyu Kai, Adamson BKK, Otakuzine, Ongaku Society, FilCosplay. Because of FilCosplay, we formed this council… and this council will be the governing body, so at least we can police all the happenings in the anime scene… so I already asked Anime Alliance to be part of this council. So what is the role of this council? Of course when there's an event, we all help each other out.. for example Nihon Kenkyu Kai has an event this coming July, so all the council members should give their full support.

Can you give us a quick motto for HERO? Just for fun
"Dito sa HERO TV… Ikaw ang bida!" (Here in HERO TV.. you're number one!)

Exclusive Interview with ToyCon's organizer, Mr. Azrael Coladilla
Correspondent: David Michael Ramas

What do you think of ToyCon 2006 as it continues its success?
When we say as a starting point or a stepping-stone for us for being recognized as one of the best international convention in the Philippines… So our vision is very extreme and large for being recognized and being seen by the whole world that we have our own convention… that have our own hobby that we can be a part of the growing community.. Internationally.

What is this Year's Highlights?
Every year we have this cosplay competition, we have customized action figure being done every year, and also our new highlight the live "Battle of the Tribute Band" with featured musicians composing original music for tribute to any anime character, movie, band… we also have the new "convention booth babe" contest… and also the visit of Mr. Digger Mesch of Art Asylum…

What's so special about this year's ToyCon from the previous ones?
During our first year of the convention, we only had a small crowd… but this time, its very big and the first time we held the convention for two days. Now being recognized internationally as the official Philippine Toy Convention… this is already the 5 th and we were the only who hosted this kinds of activities… because we do the event very different and unique… though if someone organizes another convention aside from us… it's alright… and it will be cool, coz we want people to organize more events like the ToyCon, but people are still pushing us to do more events.

Are you guys planning for a ToyCon 2007?
Yes we are… hopefully we're planning to get the three Mega Trade Halls in the future… and then hopefully we can hold it for 1 week or at least 3 days, just like the San Diego Comic Convention… it's like a mirror there… In the US they have this big convention what they call the San Diego Comic Convention while here in the Philippines, we have the Philippine ToyCon… but in the US… it's one week.. here we only have one day or two… So we're targeting the 1 week or just even 3 days and the 3 halls… having international celebrities to come here and do talk and also professional artists in the US.

How would you foresee ToyCon 2007?
It's a big plan… for having the 2007 Toy Convention.. because we never foresaw ToyCon 2006… it's a surprise for having Mega Trade Hall 2, for having a 2-day event… it's very unpredictable… for now I'm starting to short-list my activities and my planning about the 2007 because it's the year of Transformers because Transformers will be shown next year and Spiderman 3… well I think we are getting Spiderman 3 just like this year with Superman Returns and last year with Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith… so we always have a theme.. so maybe we're targeting Transformers the movie, the live-action movie or Spiderman 3… if we get those two… I'm sure it would be much bigger, as big as 2006 or better.. because our themes are very iconic…Superman was the biggest icon character in the whole world… so if Transformers and Spiderman 3 enters ToyCon 2007, it would be very big!

Any messages for the Philippine Toy Convention?
I could say… It's the granddaddy of the hobby convention in the Philippines… it's the one big gathering of collectors, hobbyists, and fans… the organizers are very crazy in creating this kind of event... and all of us are still kids at heart…even if we are married or grown up (laughs)

Interview with Level-Up Games Manager in ToyCon
Correspondent: David Michael Ramas

So what do you think of this year's ToyCon?
Well it's definitely bigger than before… back then I remember, they had to ask the cosplayers to line up outside… so it was a hassle.. but now they got it organized.. it's bigger and extravagant… a lot of booths… and a lot of game companies as well that joined in so it's definitely a plus for the community, for the fans.. not really for the sellers… it's more of for the community.

Personally… how do you see the cosplayers?
Well, though I'm not pro to this… there were a lot of Yaoi and Yuri cosplaying! (laughs) Their audience impact was great… and there are a lot of better cosplayers now.. a lot of mecha… and I heard they don't really know each others… before when we experienced cosplay… there were only 1 or 2 mecha costumes.. but now there are a lot… I'm pretty sure that there will be more who'll participate in the future cosplay events.

Are there any future events that Level-Up will participate in?
After ToyCon, we'll be having a booth also in the National Cosplay Competition of Otakuzine and HERO… after that, we'll be having an event of our own… at September to October, the "Level-up Live" where we'll feature the national finals of the best game series in the country which is of course.. Ragnarok… the Ragnarok Philippine Championship… finals for RF Online.. Rose, Freestyle and other games…

Any messages for the Level-Up supporters out there?
Thank you for supporting Level-Up… I believe we had rough times before, and we might be having a lot more problems ahead, but we are foreverly grateful… also to the anime fans.. because from the very start they were right behind us always… and they never failed to support us in every events… Even this… just a booth in ToyCon… not exactly a Level-Up event but a lot came… so we are really thankful to them and hopefully they all keep supporting local games and all events here in the Philippines.

June 18, 2006

ToyCon continues it's event for the 2nd day as numerous bands and original films by groups has been played to be judged and given a prize by the organizers… this day's highlight was the panel discussion of the Pinoy Toy Kolektors which discussed about how and why they collect toys, knowing how much it is to fund and what's its basic morals and values of being a toy hobbyist.
Also an appearance from mister Digger Mesh of Art Asylum made the crowd once again loud as they joined the panel discussion and answered a few questions from the audience… later that day… the cosplayers has been asked to assemble at Mega Trade Hall 1 for the group cosplay event… but a special appearance by Dingdong Dantes and Karylle made the crowd scream for autographs and took a lot of pictures… He was asked to judge a contest of "Create you Local Superheroes" and later headed to Mega Trade Hall 1 to greet the cosplayers and soon exited after.

Mokona of Tsubasa Chronicles also made a scene as it's almost 3 feet diameter costume made the people squeal for joy and take pictures… Before the start of the cosplay event, the band named "Reklamo" played one of their songs, they were known to be a Transformer's fan and played the Transformer's theme as their ending music. The Group Skit Cosplay then continued on with 7 groups… extravagant casting of Gundam Seed Destiny, Naruto, Magic Knight Ray Earth, Kingdom Hearts II and of course, the most waited of all… Angel Sanctuary cosplay group, and others which was given a standing ovation from the audience

Exclusive Interview with Art Asylum's Founder, Mr. Digger Mesch
Correspondent: David Michael Ramas

So what do you think of this year's ToyCon?
A: I think it's great… I had so much fun.. I'll be coming every year…

Could you give us a brief description of your organization?
Well Art Asylum was formed about ten years ago… with me and a handful a lot of people… main office is in New York.. I'm the founder and just resigned in being president and I've been living in Hong Kong for 6 years ago… I'm still part of the company but I just didn't want to be the acting president.. so I still continue to support it with the new company…

Are there any events that you'll participate in?
Well if it's here and it's good… I'll come… yeah…
Connecticon is coming up on July… is Art Asylum doing any steps to be in this?
Where is that?
I didn't even know there was one there (laughs) The main show is in San Diego… we'll be there
Any messages for your supporters out there?
I love the energy here man…I found a lot of really great artists… I did expect a lot of talented artists, but I just didn't know how many… everybody who showed me their work… it was excellent… so yeah I'll be coming back every year… the girls here are cute too… (laughs)

Interview with Himitsu Heki’s Lead Female Vocalist
Correspondent: David Michael Ramas

Who is your favorite J-Pop Band/Singer?
There’s a lot… but my first influence of course is Utada Hikaru… now it changed.. mostly it’s male singers…Q:

So what do you think of this year’s ToyCon?
It’s fun and a lot more contests and jam-packed!

Any messages for your fans out there?
Fans? (laughs) Keep on supporting us… and hopefully they can always appreciated these kinds of musics…

The half-a-million pesos expenses of ToyCon has really paid off with a lot of people who enjoyed it even if it was jam-packed, full of people… everyone who exited the event had a smile on their faces… probably because the VCDs went down to 10 php or rather they got the rare items they wanted! We expect more from ToyCon on 2007 and we'll be there again to cover it!

Prepared by:
Irean Jean Cabalquinto
Futomi Nomura
David Michael Ramas
Alyssa Acedillo
Joshua Guinoo