The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or TOYCON is a highly-anticipated annual event which celebrates the diversity of collecting as a hobby

which is highlighted by the launch of upcoming blockbuster movies, the latest games and gadgets, awesome advances in animation, comics, anime and manga

and the sensation of the latest releases in toys and collectibles. It is a gathering of collectors, cosplay enthusiasts, gamers, artists and musicians

all bonded by a common passion. It is simply put the biggest pop culture event in the country.

See you this June 8-June 10, 2018 at the SMX CONVENTION CENTER HALLS 1-4, SM MALL OF ASIA, Manila, Philippines

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cosplay rules reformat

for the moment, we are reformatting our cosplay rules.

just check out the link this coming weekday for the new rules for the Cosplay contest.

but here are the schedules of Cosplay contest.

Individual Cosplay contest - June 17
Group Cosplay contest - June 18
Filipno Characters Cosplay contest - June 18

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Contest Updates

Fan Film Competition rules are now uploaded <click here>

Battle of the Tribute Band contest rules are now uploaded <click here>

photo from E3

here I am formulating a new contest, we can call it the Booth Babes of ToyCon
but for now i'll just let you take a peak of the not-yet-official contest mechanics.

the search for the convention booth babes
1. Booth exhibitors are allowed to join
2. contest are for females only, and an official member of booth exhibitors or sponsors of ToyCon
3. booth babes can wear costumes or in cosplay, in cute, or sexy outfit, too much flesh exposure are not allowed.
4. our marshall will approach the booths for any possible entry of the booth exhibitor for booth babes.
5. judging of booth babes will be according to votes by customers and booth attendees

for now the Booth Babes are not yet I need a little comments and suggestions if we will continue this booth contest.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Booth Exhibitors reservation

photos by: TransFormers Philippines

Booth reservation is now on going.

Booth rentals is Php 6,000 good for 2 days (june 17-18)

Deposit Php 3,000 for reservation of booth slots.
deadline for full payment is on May 31, 2006.
deposit payment for reservation is not refundable.

for payment, just proceed to :
Vtoyz Hobby Center at Blue Lane, 3rd level Shoppesville
and look for Mr. Vic Yap or Tina for your exhibitors' application form.
Or you may contact us at 0917-8248176 or 0917-9802643.

table booth size is 2 X 6 feet.

Cosplay contest rules are now uploaded!!

photos by:

check out and read the cosplay contest rules and guidelines <click here>
we will notify all cosplayers and group if we will have some minor changes.
just visit our site or subscribe to our mailing list for an immediate update.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Lets go bub !!!!

Fudge Magazine released their press cover of their April 2006 issue.

The Huge cover of April is Wolverine (actor Hugh Jackman), promoting the last story line of the X-Men movie, titled : X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

catch the new issue to a magazine and bookstore near you.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Voltes V Evolution @ Hero TV

Voltes V life size figure

its a surprise event for me, and im glad that I opened my mobile phone last night while watching the Gospel of Judas in NGC, thanks to Cholo for a massive txt for all Toy con organizers, and HERO TV marks the resurrection of Voltes V in cable TV. At last..another generation of Voltes V fanatics will emerge soon.

The event is about the contract signing and also launching of Hero TV's Voltes V. Featuring celebirities of ABS CBN as dubbers for the Anime characters of Voltes V. The event was opened by a Anime-METAL Voltes V version opening song performed live by DO AHOU, a jrock and anime inspired rock band in the Philippines. The contract signing event was held at the 14th floor restaurant of EGLCC Bldg inside ABS CBN compound. Hero TV hosted the event.

Toy Con organizers, Azrael (me) and Vic Yap posing beside the life size figure of Voltes V

Cholo Mallilin of Toy Con

Voltes V Evolution AVP title
the AVP was played after the opening of the event, featuring some behind the scenes footages of the dubbing audition and dubbing recording for Voltes V.

It was like heaven for me!! there's a PASTA BAR and my plate and tummy are happy
to grub those freshy tomato sauce

Do Ahou band, Neil Alexander,vocalist of the band, jam with the audience rocking anime metal versions of Voltes V, Dragon Ball music.

Az and Neil, we are online buddies and then we got them to play for the upcoming Toy Con, last time they played was way back 2003, under the band Rotshreck.

I was surprised to see Snake, Morgul and Pablo fixing and doning the Voltes V costume,. hahaha.. the last time Snake wore that was last 2004 at the 626 Music MArathon in U.P., Im glad that suit is still in MINT CONDITION.

at the celebrities section, Sandara Park got the slot dubbing for "Jaime Robinson"

Dennis Trillio as Steve Armstrong, posing with Voltes V cosplayer

Joseph Bitangcol as Prince Zardoz, Igiboy FLores as Lil' John Armstrong

the V5 dubbers team, the anime will be dubbed in contemporary style, mixing english and filipino, and removing the old filipino words.
Bob Dela Cruz of PBB as Big Bert Armstrong
Blair Arellano as Mark Gordon
Michale De mesa as Dr.Hook (not in the pic)
Nikki Valdez as Princess Zandra
Jett Pangan as Draco
Ricci Chan as Zhul

hanging out outside the office of HERO, at last got Naruto's life size figure a picture for a 2nd time visit.

Voltes V "Volt-In Text-In Promo"
Duration: April 1 - 30, 2006
On-Air Promo Duration: Daily
To relive the Voltes V Craze and to be able to maximize awareness especially to the younger generation, wherein they will be encouraged to watch the Intestitial (Voltes V Declassified) and wait for the merch plug promo "Voltes V: Lets Volt-In Lets Text-In" on-air promo, everyday, a question will be showcased on the interstitial and viewers are asked to text in their answer, there will be three lucky winners every week then on the Grand Draw which will be on April 30, 2006. one lucky texter/viewer will get the chance to win a computer set!

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Greetings from Collectibles Unlimited!

As the official organizer of the annual Toycon, we are proud to announce that finally, the 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention is scheduled for June 17 & 18, 2006 at the Megatrade Hall 2 of the SM Megamall.

Yes, this year we will have 2 DAYS of fantastic Toycon fun!!!

This early on we would like to invite all interested parties who would like to come in as exhibitors, merchants, sponsors, food suppliers and media partners to please contact us the organizers for immediate reservation of slots or sponsorship packages. You may visit Vtoyz Hobby Center at Blue Lane, 3rd level Shoppesville and look for Mr. Vic Yap or Tina for your exhibitors' application form. Or you may contact us at 0917-8248176 or 0917-9802643.

We are also interested in getting your suggestons as to what activities you would like to see and experience at this year's Toycon. We value previous feedback given and will promse to work hard at providing you with the best Toycon ever this year. Suffice to say we are all excited for this SUPER year for Toycon!! Expect a bigger, bolder, all-around BOOMBASTIC TOYCON 06!!!

(Can anyone say Phil Toycon exclusives...)

website under construction

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Mega event for toys and games

The Philippines has seen a major boom in the hobbies and collectibles circuit. Many Filipinos have created a growing market for toys, graphic art, books, cards, games and whatever items that set a trend for collections. Small hobby shops and tight-knit collectors' groups and publications have mushroomed around the country indicating a growing consciousness and excitement for all things collectible. Collecting is a hobby that encompasses all age groups and economic classes. It is with this knowledge that a group called Collectibles Unlimited Association, Inc. was created to cater to the organizational needs of this emerging market.

The group organized the first four major Toys and Collectibles conventions held at the SM Megamall in the past four years. Both events met with tremendous success and have firmly consolidated Collectibles Unlimited as the prime event organizer in the collectibles market. This year, the group expands its market to include not just the collectors market but the hobby market as well, including role-playing games games, airsoft and combat gaming, online gaming, Hero Clix, Techdeck, etc.

Collectibles Unlimited in partnership with MEGATRADEHALL, HERO, FUDGE, GLOBELINES, SM MEGAMALL, FULLYBOOKED, E-Games and WARNER BROS. invites everyone to the 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006.

If you’re looking for that hard to find item to complete your collection or looking for the latest games and coolest hobbies in the country, here's the event you've been waiting for! Get in on the action and find the best collectible among toys, comic books, cards, games, vintage items, manga-anime and a whole lot more! Shop and swap to your heart’s content and also win prizes for on-the-spot toy creations, costume play, trivia and art contests.

The 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006 will be held at the SM Megatrade Hall 2 on, June 17-18, 2006 from 10 AM to 9 PM. For inquiries and reservations, call Vic Yap at 0917-9802643.

Log on to the official website at

The Joys of Collecting Toys

For those of you who buy toys and just simply enjoy it by taking it out of the package and playing with it, well and good. But some people buy toys, keep it in the package in mint condition and either display it or store it away as a future memorabilia.

Welcome to the world of toy collecting! This is fast becoming a very popular hobby among kids and adults alike especially those who value their toys in pristine condition sealed inside the packaging.

Almost anything can be considered collectible , but don't go storing those plastic toy soldiers and yo-yo's just yet. Collecting toys is as much a market-driven phenomena as it is a hobby. That means the demand for a certain toy, more often toys that have multiple variations, is dictated by its quality and wide popular appeal. Toys that fall into this category include action figures, dolls, die-cast cars, sports memorabilia, playing cards, faux armaments and weapons and a variety of other items.

A lot of value is also accorded to vintage items from the 70's and 80's since that was the boom of licensed toys from popular cartoons and movies like Star Wars, He-Man, Transformers, Super Friends and the like.

With the growing popularity of the toy-collecting hobby, a group called Collectibles Unlimited Association, Inc. has organized a series of events that brings together this assembly of toy aficionados. This month, Collectibles Unlimited presents the 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006.

This convention brings together all the top collectible licencees, exhibitors and collectors under one roof for a single day of treasure-hunting from among 100 vendors of toys, comic books, cards, games, vintage memorabilia, manga, anime and a whole lot more!

This event now encompasses not just the collectors market but the hobby and game market as well, including fantasy role-playing games, combat gaming, on-line gaming, scale modeling, graphic art illustration and other fun activities. The event will also include fun activities for kids like die-cast car racing, a book fair, art contests, costume play, coloring games, body art and figure building contests.

The 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006 will be held at the SM Megatrade Hall 2 on , June 17-18, 2006 from 10 AM to 9 PM. For inquiries and reservations, call Vic Yap at 0917-9802643.

Log on to the official website at

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Guest Performers


SOLACE ( band performance was cancelled )
"Seek comfort in our music"

SOLACE is about music that resonates from within. It is intense and intimate, as it is disarming in its honesty and unnerving in its sincerity.

Though musically superb, it has not lost "heart" as the album is not about catchy hooks and melodies, nor groovy bass lines, frantic guitars or polyrhythmic drum patterns, it's not even about the moving chord progressions or the soaring yet soothing vocals. It's about music that is fresh, cozy and comforting; new, yet surprisingly familiar. It is about good story telling.

The four-piece band has paid their dues and has poured in their wealth of experience and passion to give life to a collection of 10 original songs in an album called "Never Easy" under (Paragon Music Corporation) out March 2006.

Composed of Singer-Songwriter Chad Cañares a dreamer who has honed his craft as lead vocalists of UK Lily -- a premier 80's New Wave Band in Cebu; Guitarist Sam Codilla, who is not a 1st timer in the recording scene having been part of the band Roots that recorded under a multinational record label in the early 90's; Bassist Rodney Vidanes and drummer Herz Fremista who have been nominated as Bassist and Drummer of the year respectively at the NU Rock Awards as members of the 2003 Muziklaban champion, Fuseboxx. Solace definitely captures the texture, depth and color of life with so much eloquence in music as they do with words.

"Our music is our solace" the band says, "it is our source of comfort and relief." Like the carrier single "Never Easy" which talks about dealing with a bad relationship you can't get out of; or the wonderfully sarcastic "Bang (Happy To See Me Again)" a song about losing one's self to other's judgments that burst with both verve and compositional brilliance. Other tracks featured are about stealing time ("Borrowed Time"), biting off more than you can chew ("Healing"), following your dreams ("Dream Maker"), closure ("Bridging the Gap"), and even a death of a close brother ("Riding with Angels") . To them the songwriting process was needed retreat from a backbreaking toil.

Hence, leave the rat race for once and buckle down on your own safe corner and spend time with yourself, think back, reminisce, listen…and find your own solace.

Mailing List

The Late Isabel

by Karl R. de Mesa

In the dreams of those she haunts, Isabel is always leaving. She has been sighted barefoot and pale, by various sleepers, at the doorstep of a familiar downtown cinema, the gates of a university building at closing time, departing a smoky club and exiting a convenience store at twilight. She vanishes when she steps to the curb, just as the high beams of an approaching car freeze her. Those who do wake, often wake in sweat.

“I was playing with a visual concept, a series of posters showing this half-familiar woman always in transit,” says Allan Hernandez, explaining the basis of the name and the band’s wraith-like, female persona.

The music of THE LATE ISABEL is the origin, product and nature of this haunting rolled into a single koan. It is music that makes of funerals and wakes a celebration -- a time to sing and a time to dance as tears run down your face. The character of Isabel, the vignettes and scenes of her life (and probably her demise) live on in the band’s songs. Aural creations that crest and break like a wave of grief to wash over both viscera and brain with the force of psychedelia, ambient, shoegazer, dark wave and goth.

The band started in 1998 as MADELINE USHER then renamed itself OLD WORLD CHARM in 1999, shedding and gaining a few members along the way. Earlier still it was a death metal outfit named THANATOPSY, and so on to THE LATE ISABEL DELGADO, now remembered even more easily -- and fondly -- without her surname. The band is currently composed of WAWI NAVARROZA (vocals), ALLAN HERNADEZ (guitars), JP AGCAOILI (drums), and ROVAL BACALE (bass), all veterans of the Manila goth-punk scene.

Coming of age in the post-punk era, the quartet grew up with a love for bands that eschewed the freewheeling go-go of ‘80s mainstream music, groups like The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Clan of Xymox, Bauhaus, Joy Division and the gaggle of artists under the 4AD banner. With this came the intuitive understanding that music had to function on all to achieve a holistic effect.

“Art is not an isolated experience. It is deeply personal and deeply communal. I believe that the visual aspect of the band needs to be included in the package,” relates JP Agcaoili.

“If I could put music, painting, poetry, literature all in one package, then I would love to do that,” agrees Wawi Navarroza.

Their debut album, DOLL’S HEAD, is made up of eight exceptional tracks composed of equal parts lament, anguish, awe and snapshots of everyday tragedies. From the sinuous and seductive chant of the title track, the hungry eloquence of “Fingers Around the Wineglass,” the demented agitation of “Follow (The Mad March),” to the exploration of the urban abyss that is “Midnight City,” the record is indeed the culmination of two years’ labor in the subculture fringe.

Meanwhile, their live performance has been praised as a “tour through the dark corners of . . .dreams,” and that, “to watch The Late Isabel live is to be intrigued. . .and entranced.”

DOLL’S HEAD crystallizes the quartet’s skill for leading the listener to precision rapture via a swirling palette of textures and sonic landscapes that bring to fore the monsters, beautiful or otherwise, lurking in the depths. Proof that being haunted can be a ravishing, rhapsodic experience.


Mailing List

MUSINGS of a Cigarette Smoking Man

Michael Diez-guitars, vocals
Edsel Abesames-guitars
Donna Diez-bass
Joon Guillien-drums

MOACSM plays melodic, riff-heavy songs with introspective lyrics. Songs as ‘Royal’, ‘Used to Be’, ‘Man in the Terminal’, speaks of universal experiences of love, loss and hope.

The band was recently featured in FHM as one of the band to watch out for this year.
A three-song demo is currently being recorded. For bookings contact 09165909343.

Formed sometime in the last millennia, Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man's music was forced upon the unsuspecting masses' consciousness through one outrageously, unspectacular gig somewhere in España.*

Since then our brave and relentless heroes managed to overcome their indolence and have drawn comparisons to the music of groups whose melodic knack resembles something like music.

Hubris, Points Of Aggression

Band Members:
Andrew Arbis - Drums/Back Up
Adam Cadiz - Guitars/Vocals
Jazzer Jasper - Bass/Gay Screams

Song Line Up:
The Fall (Original)
Forgive And Forget (Original)
Maybe I'll Catch Fire (Original)
Anticipation (Original)

Band Info:
Be prepared for screaming vocals, heavy-riffs, groovy bass lines, and heart pounding drums. Hubris is a hard rock band nestled in the dirty south. Their songs have sacrilegious, hate, and redemption themes to it.

Started in the mid 2000’s this hard rock project as stated by Andrew Arbis, has gone through 6 or so line up changes due to over-egoistic members. The band has finally delivered when they have recorded their first song “Forgive and Forget” a tribute to those who they have wronged in the past. As more songs kept on pouring. The band decided to record the band’s soon to be out EP “Hubris Tenebris, Points of Aggression” which will be sometime the end of 2006. This will compose of 7 tracks and songs featuring “Mother Burn, The Fall, Anticipation, Forgive and Forget, And Here Lays Icarus”.

For gigs, info, and invites, pleases call or text Adam and Andrew.
Adam- 09162101221
Andrew- 09189434420


Abby – Vocals/Keyboards
Albert – Guitars
Eric – Synth/Keyboards
Jessy – Bass
Lester - Drums

And while some bands become less progressive and more commercial-sounding, one band begins to take over the reins of Progressive music here in the Philippines.

Formed 2001 fuseboxx has gotten widespread acclaim first and foremost with their musical precision and technical proficiency with their instruments: The guitar work is impeccable, the rhythm section extremely technical and the keyboards way too progressive, all under an enigmatic voice that cuts through the complex of the music; secondly with their ability to meld and incorporate different musical elements from a vast array of genres (rock, fusion, pop, classical, metal, alternative, etc.) into cohesive and thematic materials, sometimes arranging their music into movements in order to convey a compelling musical message; and thirdly, as one of the strongest live acts that will leave any rock fan, musician or musical critic breathless with their ability to constantly amaze their audiences, as much with their “mathematical” arrangements and musical dexterity, as the apparent passion each member puts into the creation and performance of their music onstage.

Truly, watching fuseboxx perform would be an unforgettable and visceral experience, proving not only to Filipinos in the country, but to everyone around the world that musicality and creativity at the level of all the known fusion and progressive rock bands in the international music scene (such as Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis, etc) aren't reserved for bands of the First World... with fuseboxx, the Third World, especially the Philippines, can show what musicians we “Filipinos” are made of.

· Grand Champion 2003 Redhorse Muziklaban challenge
· 3rd place Yupangco Asian Beat 2002

· EP/Demo Listen - 20003 (self produced)
· FUSEBOXX – full length album 2005 (self titled /self produced distributed by Universal Rec.)

Contact person: Ann Jacinto #0917-8327292


REKLAMO is souly dedicated to vent out our frustrations, hate, envy towards anything and everything in the form of songs and instrumental music.

A 4 piece band, consisting of Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums and Saxophone.

Our music is rock infused, having all originals and one cover song. (Theme of Transformers! J )

The band’s goal is to share their music to an ample supply of listeners whom are willing to hear something new in the local music scene.

Formed 6 months ago. Played gigs at Bigskymind, 6Underground, Saguijo, Music and Arts Festivals, support Charity related events, as well as other productions and establishments in metro manila. Just recently played at the 5th Philippine Toy Convention (June18th Sunday 2006).

LC De Leon: Guitar
Empi Katindig: Bass
Mervin Mendoza: Drums
Shereen Saiyed: Alto Saxophone

Band’s Links:
Yahoo group link:
Music Download:
More pictures:

Etherial Anthem
Do Ahou

Mini Moni Philippines