Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Third Annual Animation, Role-playing, Comics & Hobbies Convention.

Hi, y'all!

On behalf of the Alternate Hobbies Club of the Sacred Heart School of the
Society of Jesus (SHS-J), the Sugbu League of Independent Comic-book Kickasses!
(SLICK!) wishes to invite everyone to attend the club's 2006 Animation,
Role-playing, Comics & Hobbies Convention (ARCHCon) on October 28, from 9am to

ARCHCon aims to provide an opportunity for hobbyists to engage in their hobbies
together and to stir up interest in such hobbies. The first convention was held
in Ayala Center two years ago; the second at SM. This year's event includes the

1. Hobbies Exhibition— Hobbies-related goods will be presented by sponsors.
2. Tournaments— Hobbyist tournaments will be held, like Magic: The Gathering,
Pokemon, VS Cards and Mageknights. Cash and trophies will be awarded.
3. Comics Exhibition— Local comics will be presented by creators.
4. Costume Contests— Cosplays— two age categories, two cash prizes per category
(for Male and for Female) —will be held.
5. Animes Exhibition— Current popular (and potentially popular) animes and
anime music videos will be shown.
6. PlayStation 2 Games— Fighting video console games, where everyone will take
turns challenging each other, will be provided.
7. Drawing Contests— Competitions in pencilling characters from comic-books or
animes will be held.
8. Raffle— Door prizes will be given.

There will be a small entrance fee (amount will not be stated here), which will
be used for charitable causes.

SLICK! will join the event, selling its comics at a discount (amount,
you guessed it).

Posters announcing the event and its details will be distributed to schools in
Metro Cebu soon.

SHS-J is located at Gen. Maxilom Ave. in Metro Cebu.

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