Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monster JAM

The whole day festivity to be held at the SM Storyland will revolve around the theme of “Monster Jam” and will have the kids discover the facts and fun about all sorts of monsters, whether they are the fantastic beasts of myths and legends, the intriguing creatures in real life eye-witness accounts, the amazing creations of movie magic, or the lovable, friendly bunch of beloved children’s shows.

The SM Storyland will be decorated with lifesize sculptures or standees of famous monsters, and the personnel and staff will be in costume or make-up as a recognizable movie monster (Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, etc.) Balloons, papercrafts and lighted projections, along with a fog machine effect will also add to the ambience of a monster theme park.

The activity area will be composed of interactive booths that will showcase these different types of monsters and allow the kids to see different exhibits and join in various games and activities.

      1. Monsters of Myth – This booth will exhibit the different mythological creatures of different cultures and legends like the Minotaur, the Sea Serpent, dragons, griffins, orcs, goblins and others. The booth will serve as a reading booth where various books and other reading material can be browsed through or bought. Story-telling sessions will be conducted all throughout the day and if possible classic monster movies like Clash of the Titans, DragonSlayer, Sinbad, etc. can be screened.

      1. Strange World – This booth will exhibit the true to life accounts of legendary monsters like Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, the Chupacabra, Moth Man and other such legends. This will be the arts and science learning booth where kids can find out about geography through the localities of these monsters, scientific experiments in the verification of these monsters’ existence (sonar equipment, computer tracking, forensics, etc.) It can be an arts and crafts booth where they can paint plaster casts of their own footprints, monsters statues, and other Halloween themed sculptures.

      1. Reel Monsters – This booth will exhibit monsters made famous by their respective movies. These include King Kong, Godzilla, The Mummy, The Wolfman, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc. This booth will be highlighted by the face-painting and body tattoo art activities. Monster movies will also be screened in this booth.

      1. Monster Buddies – This booth will exhibit the cute and lovable monsters like Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster and characters from Disney like Monsters Inc, the Beast, and Pokemon. The booth will be highlighted by carnival games and slot machines that will let kids win stuffed toys of their favorite monster buddies. This can also be the photo ops booth where kids can have their picture taken with monster mascots and where sponsors may sell their licensed monster products.

      1. Make Me a Monster – This booth will have kids join an all day art workshop where they can design monster costumes, masks, wigs and accessories for Halloween. They can also join in a Create-Your-Own Monster Art Contest where they can win prizes and have their entries exhibited during the day.

For the day’s program, there will be intermittent entertainment numbers done at the main stage by special guest performers, Storyland clubbie members, kiddie mascots, celebrity storytellers and games conducted by sponsor companies. The main highlight of the program will be a Monster Mash Scavenger Hunt which will have the kids win a grand prize by locating all the clues in a list given to them to have them locate a hidden treasure somewhere in Storyland. Throughout the Scavenger Hunt they will have to identify certain monsters and go on some of the rides to complete the tasks to find the treasure.

Throughout the program, there will be game portions that kids can pre-register to join. They may win instant prizes in winning the following:

      1. Build a Monster - Find or draw a picture of a Frankenstein type monster's body or head. Cut the body into pieces and lay out. What you want to do is blindfold each player, spin him or her around three times (like Pin The Nose on the Pumpkin) and have them pin a body part to your monster. They will build a very funny looking monster. Make enough body parts so each child has one to put up. When they are all done, take a look at your creation! It will probably look very funny and everyone will have a good laugh!
      2. Mummy Wrap - Divide the kids into smaller groups, four kids per group is usually good: one for the mummy, three to wrap.

      The object is for each group to wrap their mummy faster than the other groups but doing a good job. You can have a winner for the best mummy or a race for the fastest mummy wrapped, or no winner at all.

      To organize it a bit, try letting each group draw jobs, one child might pick the mummy slip of paper, one gets wrapper, etc. You can also break this down further to give each child a job like wrapping arms and legs, one wraps the torso, etc. Keep the eyes, mouth and nose uncovered, don't throw the toilet paper around the room. This game works better with older, more behaved kids.

      1. Pass The Monster Head – Pick teams of about six to eight people and have them stand in a line. You can go boy-girl or random. Each team gets a mini Monster head that the first person places under their chin. The mini monster head is passed down the line, person to person by holding it under their chin and passing it this way, no hands allowed! The person holding the mini monster head can stand in front of the next person for easier passing. All teams start at the same time, first team to get their pumpkin to the end of the row and back again to the starting person is the winner.

      1. Famous Monsters Trivia – This will be a basic trivia contest conducted as a “Family Feud” type format making competing team contestants answer particular trivia questions about famous monsters.


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