Friday, July 21, 2006

TransFormers movie 2007 website

for those who didn't know...., check out for the official announcement of the movie TransFormers. And mind you all that this movie is not an animated motion picture but it is the Live Action movie of the popular transforming robot.

on the early updates, you can see the teaser trailer of the movie, you must have a FLASH 8 installed in your PC. Also download the wallpapers of the movie.

and here's a short update on whats happening


Don't Worry About How The Transformers Will Look

People need to relax about how the Transformers will visually look in the movie next summer. No, I'm not talking about Bumblebee not being a VW, or Megatron not being a gun, or the fact that Optimus Prime is going to be a long nose truck instead of a flat nosed truck (which makes total sense to me after reading Bay's reasoning for that... not that I cared much before reading his article). Yes, people do need to relax about these things too... but I'm not talking about that.

The thing I'm talking about is the CGI. How will the "robots in disguise" look when transformed and doing epic city destroying battle! Many people (including me) has said in the past that much of the "success" of The Transformers will depend on this element. Well no one has to worry... because the very best company in the business is doing the visual effects and animating then... ILM (Industrial Light and Magic). Yeah, Lucas' company.

In the VFX world, there is ILM, and then there is everybody else. ILM isn't the only great VFX company out there (WETA, Rythym and Hues, ComputerCafe, Rainmaker) but they are the best of the best and they are working The Transformers.
There are going to be lots of things to be worried about on The Transformers, but how these things will look is certainly not one of them


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