Saturday, July 8, 2006

5th Philippine ToyCon on TV tonight!

(showing tonight, July 8, 2006)

the ToyCon experience and event is aired tonight! Featuring Toys,Cosplays, Games, Booths, Comics, ToyCon people and celebrities.

Channel - Net 25
program - TRIBE

TRiBE is an infortainment show that tells the stories of real people, portraits of lives and reflection of the Filipino culture. Short but informative, relevant and real and on top of it all, full of knowledge that help equip Filipinos to cope up with the changing times. TRiBE, shorter shows, bigger info.

SHOWTIMES : Saturdays and Sundays @ 7:00 pm; Mondays to Fridays @ 7:01 pm

@10pm, every Saturday and Sunday of July 2006
Channel - Hero TV
program - July Theatrixx

Thanks to Net 25, Hero TV and Digital Tour for featuring ToyCon 2006.
the Toycon Digital Tour of Studio 23 channel was aired last sunday, but we will upload the video in as soon as we get our copy from Dtour.

check your local TV and Cable listings of your cable provider for the channel line up of Net 25 and HERO TV.

Toycon video in

Our friends and Toycon attendee's made their own Toycon video featurette in the internet.
thanks so much for uploading it and sharing your video copy of the event.

click the link below to view and select the video footages


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