Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Egames promo and contest

Every purchase of a shopcard from the e-Games booth entitles the buyer to a raffle stub:

20 shopcard - 2 stubs
50 shopcard - 6 stubs
100 shopcard - 15 stubs

A dropbox will be provided in front of the e-games booth


- Every hour, 5 winners will be picked from the drop box.
- The names of the winner and their prize will be announced at 1pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.
- The prizes will be inserted into the winner’s bank/inventory.

Prizes ( for every hour):

2- 1 million gold
1 - +7 dynamic armor set ( level 135 - tradable)
1 - +7 enhanced armor set (level 135 - tradable)
1 - +7 30 day premium weapon ( the highest level that the character can use - non-tradable, non-droppable)

Sample Stub:
Name: Jose. P. Ignatius
IGN: Jose
Server: Strife
Character Build and Class: Dex Swordsman
Level: 135

RAN online cosplay contest

Toy con has a cosplay event that RAN players can participate.
See toycon website for more details :

All participants who join in as a RAN character can avail of the following prizes

For all participants:
Synthesizer set
1 million Gold
RAN item catalogue

Should the RAN cosplay participant win the Toycon cosplay, he/she/they are entitled to additional rewards from e-Games:

For the winners
+7 Armor Set of their Choice
+7 30 day premium weapon of their choice
1 million gold
RAN item catalogue

To avail of the RAN items, RAN cosplayer should register their name in the e-games booth during the toycon event.
Prizes will be inserted into their bank/inventory.


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