Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Battle of the Tribute Band Finalist

1. Himitsu Heiki
song title: A Tribute to Otakus
tribute composition to : Otakus

2. Kite
song title: Cat Eyes
tribute composition to: Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko

3. Deadend
song title: Soaring High With You
tribute composition to : Badluck (Gravitation)

4. Aquajuice
song title: Fairies
tribute composition to : Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)

5. Armada
song title: Possible
tribute composition to: Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)

6. Ducklings
song title: Super Duper Songtribute composition to: all of the underdog heroes out therelike Naruto, Rock-lee, Al and Ed (full metalalchemist) and Sakuragi

Schedule of Live Performance

Day 1
June 17th
Aquajuice - 12nn
Deadend - 1pm
Himitsu Heiki - 2pm

Day 2
Kite - 12nn
Armada - 1pm
Ducklings -2pm

Guest Performers update

We like to inform everyone that the indie band SOLACE will not be around this Sunday Toycon as guest perform ,an unexpected emergency came out this afternoon cancelling their live act.

And now filling their slot on June 18th at 4pm is FUSEBOXX, the champion of the Red Horse Beer Musiklaban , band competition 2003. Also on June 18th Musings of the Cigarette smoking man will be performing that day in line up with Neotaku, Do Ahou and Mini Moni Philippines.

The Akafellas

and addition for the Saturday guest performers are the HUBRIS band and the AKAFELLAS.
they will be performing on June 17th in line up with The Late Isabel, Etherial Anthem and Rotshreck


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