Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Art Asylum President and Founder Digger Mesch
guests at this year's Philippine TOYCON O6!!!

"Digger (right) and Anthony Montgomery(left) who plays Travis Mayweather on Enterprise checking out the prototypes of Star Trek Enterprise Action Figure."

He, along with Art Asylum illustrator, Yuri Timg, will be conducting a major talent search and portfolio review during the 2 days of the convention. Straight from the guys, here's what they're looking for:

" We want artists for our new company we're starting called "full on entertainment". We are looking for comic book artist and illustrators that can draw really good and know about american style comics, illustrations and video game art. Can be American style or manga style (preferrably) but we are open to new looks. No Hong Kong style comic art. They can use any medium,( acrylic, oils, photoshop, illustrator etc)
Need to be innovative, creative, idealistic, imaginative, and able to work with others as well as being able to follow directions! (this is the tricky one).

We are also looking for sculptors for the stuff we are doing.
More sculptors then 2d artists."

So what are you waiting for?! This could be the chance of a lifetime! Get out that drawing board and those sculpting tools and start working! We'll see you at the Philippine Toycon 2006!! "

Affliction: President
Artist. Businessman. Visionary. He plays by few rules and has one goal-give you the best action figures on the planet. Digger started the Art Asylum six years ago. After working as a design house for other companies, sculpting award-winning figures in virtual anonymity, Digger brought the Asylum into the spotlight in 2001, creating figures based on movies and rappers and shock rockers. He also released his invention N' The Box, the Jack in the Box for the new Millennium.

Digger spends half of his time in Hong Kong at Art Asylum East, tooling around the mountains of mainland China on his motorcycle, overseeing production of the figures and coming up with variants on the fly that collectors love.

from: http://www.artasylum.com/inside_staff.html

About Art Asylum
Manhattan, New York based Art Asylum was founded by Digger and Donna Soldano in 1996 as a creative, design studio providing premier work service to the toy industry. In 2001, the company partnered with Adam Unger and the founders of Play Along Toys, Inc., to launch a successful boy’s action toy company that created products for major brands like Star Trek, Tony Hawk, Bruce Lee, Kiss and built the MiniMates toy brand that continues on to this day. In 2005, after Play Along’s successful sale to Jakks Pacific (JAKK) the company continued it’s progress and has moved on as a fully integrated toy manufacture. In 2006, Art Asylum will be launching with several new licenses including Speed Racer, Madballs from American Greetings, Battlestar Galactica, Clive Barker’s Jump Tribe and Advanced Play System’s Arc Tiles.
Visit www.artasylum.com for more information.

article from: http://www.collectiondx.com/node/745

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