Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Voltes V Evolution @ Hero TV

Voltes V life size figure

its a surprise event for me, and im glad that I opened my mobile phone last night while watching the Gospel of Judas in NGC, thanks to Cholo for a massive txt for all Toy con organizers, and HERO TV marks the resurrection of Voltes V in cable TV. At last..another generation of Voltes V fanatics will emerge soon.

The event is about the contract signing and also launching of Hero TV's Voltes V. Featuring celebirities of ABS CBN as dubbers for the Anime characters of Voltes V. The event was opened by a Anime-METAL Voltes V version opening song performed live by DO AHOU, a jrock and anime inspired rock band in the Philippines. The contract signing event was held at the 14th floor restaurant of EGLCC Bldg inside ABS CBN compound. Hero TV hosted the event.

Toy Con organizers, Azrael (me) and Vic Yap posing beside the life size figure of Voltes V

Cholo Mallilin of Toy Con

Voltes V Evolution AVP title
the AVP was played after the opening of the event, featuring some behind the scenes footages of the dubbing audition and dubbing recording for Voltes V.

It was like heaven for me!! there's a PASTA BAR and my plate and tummy are happy
to grub those freshy tomato sauce

Do Ahou band, Neil Alexander,vocalist of the band, jam with the audience rocking anime metal versions of Voltes V, Dragon Ball music.

Az and Neil, we are online buddies and then we got them to play for the upcoming Toy Con, last time they played was way back 2003, under the band Rotshreck.

I was surprised to see Snake, Morgul and Pablo fixing and doning the Voltes V costume,. hahaha.. the last time Snake wore that was last 2004 at the 626 Music MArathon in U.P., Im glad that suit is still in MINT CONDITION.

at the celebrities section, Sandara Park got the slot dubbing for "Jaime Robinson"

Dennis Trillio as Steve Armstrong, posing with Voltes V cosplayer

Joseph Bitangcol as Prince Zardoz, Igiboy FLores as Lil' John Armstrong

the V5 dubbers team, the anime will be dubbed in contemporary style, mixing english and filipino, and removing the old filipino words.
Bob Dela Cruz of PBB as Big Bert Armstrong
Blair Arellano as Mark Gordon
Michale De mesa as Dr.Hook (not in the pic)
Nikki Valdez as Princess Zandra
Jett Pangan as Draco
Ricci Chan as Zhul

hanging out outside the office of HERO, at last got Naruto's life size figure a picture for a 2nd time visit.

Voltes V "Volt-In Text-In Promo"
Duration: April 1 - 30, 2006
On-Air Promo Duration: Daily
To relive the Voltes V Craze and to be able to maximize awareness especially to the younger generation, wherein they will be encouraged to watch the Intestitial (Voltes V Declassified) and wait for the merch plug promo "Voltes V: Lets Volt-In Lets Text-In" on-air promo, everyday, a question will be showcased on the interstitial and viewers are asked to text in their answer, there will be three lucky winners every week then on the Grand Draw which will be on April 30, 2006. one lucky texter/viewer will get the chance to win a computer set!



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