Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Contest Updates

Fan Film Competition rules are now uploaded <click here>

Battle of the Tribute Band contest rules are now uploaded <click here>

photo from E3

here I am formulating a new contest, we can call it the Booth Babes of ToyCon
but for now i'll just let you take a peak of the not-yet-official contest mechanics.

the search for the convention booth babes
1. Booth exhibitors are allowed to join
2. contest are for females only, and an official member of booth exhibitors or sponsors of ToyCon
3. booth babes can wear costumes or in cosplay, in cute, or sexy outfit, too much flesh exposure are not allowed.
4. our marshall will approach the booths for any possible entry of the booth exhibitor for booth babes.
5. judging of booth babes will be according to votes by customers and booth attendees

for now the Booth Babes are not yet I need a little comments and suggestions if we will continue this booth contest.


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