Thursday, March 2, 2006

Superman Memorabilia and Toy Exhibit

PinoyToyKolektor. A site of Filipino " Pinoy " Collectors around the world with the same passion and interest -- TOYS. On this site you will find information regarding stuff that keeps us all young at heart.

PTK evolved from a small group of collectors sharing the same interest in thehobbies section of various message boards, this was way back late 2001.

PTK was created nov. 2004 but was officially opened as a public message board on march 2005. After being together for 5 years as a community, transferred from one message board to another ....we finally had our own home, PINOYTOYKOLEKTOR.

PTK is a community with the same as a hobby, for collectors collectors.


Panelist profiles:
Digs Ramos - one of the few seasoned collectors around, has an extensive collection of star wars props and replicas, vintage robots and various toys

Gary Abello - known for his reviews and write ups of various toys and action figures

Erik Tan - comic buff , a prominent buffy and angel collector, known for his wide collection of art asylum products, chogokins , superhero toys and the like

Exhibitors :
Gerry Sibal - superman memorabila - no.1 man when it comes to superman stuff, known for his very wide collection of superman toys and memorabilia

Kenway Chee - another diverse and prominent superman
collector locally ranging from statues, figures, props
and life sizes. also known for his big he-man

Marcwindc- known for a very wide selection of action figures and nba stuff

Erik Tan - art asylum collection ( already mentioned above )

Harry Lim - motu and ML collector
Ernest and Dave See - brother tandem,has a great collection of superhero stuff

Eric Cruz - serious collector of toys and action figure

Yexel Sebastian - local actor and known for his museum like display of toys


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