The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or TOYCON is a highly-anticipated annual event which celebrates the diversity of collecting as a hobby

which is highlighted by the launch of upcoming blockbuster movies, the latest games and gadgets, awesome advances in animation, comics, anime and manga

and the sensation of the latest releases in toys and collectibles. It is a gathering of collectors, cosplay enthusiasts, gamers, artists and musicians

all bonded by a common passion. It is simply put the biggest pop culture event in the country.

See you this June 8-June 10, 2018 at the SMX CONVENTION CENTER HALLS 1-4, SM MALL OF ASIA, Manila, Philippines

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Comix and Collectibles Auction

Comix and Collectibles Auction

Dear Everyone,

Fully Booked, in cooperation with the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Comics Sunday, Level Up! and Fudge Magazine, will present a first-of-

its kind Comic Collectible and Rare Issue auction on Nov. 26-28 at

the Powerplant Mall's South Court.

Listed here are some of the items you may want to bid for - we'll

give you a copy of the final list on the day itself, but in the

meantime, you may want to scan through these to get an idea of what

will be available.

Viewing and registration open at 12noon on Friday, 26 Nov., and

bidding will take place on Sunday afternoon at 3pm. All bidders must

register beforehand to be given a paddle number, and a fee of P200

will be charged. This amount will be credited to the bidder's

account upon conclusion of a sale.

On behalf of Fully Booked, we look forward to seeing you there!

Check out the lists of items!



A beautiful set of pewter statues of the Endless, based on sketches

by Teddy Kristiansen. This set includes each of the seven Endless -

Dream, Death, Destiny, Desire, Depair, Destruction, and Delirium -

cast in solid pewter and nestled in a matte 9' x 8 3/8' black box.

Figures range in height from 1 1/2' to 4' high. Sets come packaged

with an official Certificate of Authenticity. Limited to 3,000 sets.

Retail $175. Bidding starts at P4,000.


They were the world's first super-team...the Golden Age's Justice

Society of America. Now this team of heroes comes to life in these

bookends, a graphic re-creation of the classic cover of ALL-STAR

COMICS #3, the 1941 comic that featured their first appearance as a

team. The bookends feature the heroes seated around the conference

table in their headquarters, with The Flash, The Spectre, The Atom,

and Sandman on one side (measuring approximately 6.5" high x 6.75"

deep x 6" wide) and Hawkman, Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, and Hourman on

the other (measuring approximately 7.5" high x 6.75" deep x 6" wide).

Sculpted by William Paquet.

Retail $299.95. Bidding starts at P10,500.


DC Direct continues its line of resin maquettes with the Justice

League Animated: Batman Maquette. Featuring the super heroes as they

appear on the hit WB Animation series on Cartoon Network, these

statues are based on models designed for the series and are usually

produced exclusively for the artists and animators as the definitive

models on which to base their drawings. Individually numbered and

limited to an edition size of 8,500. The Batman Maquette measures

approximately 9.25 inches tall by 5 inches wide.

Retail $85. Bidding start at P4,000.


A Diamond Select Release, designed and sculpted by Art Asylum! Eli

Livingston artfully captures Captain America, the living embodiment

of the American spirit in the latest Marvel Milestones statue from

DST. Depicted in a rare moment of quiet contemplation, Captain

America holds a real cloth American flag. Painted and ready to

display, The Captain America Marvel Milestones statue is accompanied

by a full color, hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Limited

to 2,500 pieces worldwide.

Retail $175. Bidding starts at P7,500.


For the first time ever, renowned artist Adam Hughes transforms his

groundbreaking cover renditions of Wonder Woman into spectacular

sculpted form! Designed with the intensity and beauty only Hughes

can deliver and sculpted by Tim Bruckner, The Amazon Warrior defends

herself in battle against unpredictable adversaries. This limited

edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain statue measures

approximately 11" tall x 7 1/2" wide x 7" deep and is packaged in a

4-color box.

Retail $195. Bidding starts at P9,000.


Greatest of the dark servants of Sauron, known to Men as the

Ringwraiths or Nazgûl, the Witch-king was his master's lieutenant in

the field and Lord of the cursed fortress of Minas Morgul. When the

Dark Lord sent his armies against Gondor, the Witch-king flew above

them as their chief upon his huge fell beast and it was said that by

the hand of no mortal man could he be slain. Amid the carnage of the

Battle of Pelennor, the Morgul Lord fell upon King Théoden of Rohan

and flung him to the ground, but as he stooped for the kill a lone

brave soldier stepped between them. This polystone figure measures

16.5" high, 9: wide and 14" deep.

Artist: Brigitte Wuest

Retail $200. Bidding starts at 11,000.


Inspired by Michelangelo's Pieta and Jim Starlin's The Death of

Captain Marvel.

Limited Edition Statue sculpted by Art Asylum

First ever Marvel full-size statue from Diamond Select

Retail $150. Bidding starts at P4,600.


From Frank Miller's original and classic Daredevil run, Dynamic

Forces presents the moment of Daredevil's greatest loss - the Death

of Elektra Statue.

Sculpted and painted by Martin Canale and based on designs by Greg

Horn, the detail in this statue is presented in the format of a

diorama. Limited to only 1,982 production units worldwide (the year

Elektra shuffled off this mortal coil at the hands of the killer

Bullseye). The Daredevil: Death of Elektra Statue features the Man

without Fear, surrounded by the haunting burial ground, hunched in

despair at the grave of his lover as the spirit of Elektra rises

from the ground and ascends into the ether. Measuring 11 inches

wide and standing almost 10 inches tall.

Retail $190. Bidding start at P7,000.


Bruce Banner, a man of science, caught in the heart of a Gamma Bomb

blast of his own creation. Reborn as The Incredible Hulk! Now, the

Hulk is reborn once again, as this massive, incredible 'Big' Bust,

released in time for 40th Anniversary of the gray-skinned goliath's

first appearance! The 'Gray' Hulk, who, along with his massive build

and strength, maintained his intelligence and awareness, as well as

a hatred for most things human (including Bruce Banner), sits in a

contemplative pose atop a mound of discarded books. Yet the one he

holds in his massive hands seems to have captured all of his

interest… an apropos piece by Robert Louis Stevenson entitled 'Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!' Designed by Pablo Viggiano and Juan Bobillo,

sculpted by Pablo Viggiano, and painted by Alejandra Jorquer, the

Gray Hulk 'Big' Bust stands over 8' tall and 9' from front to back!

Strictly limited to just 400 production units in the world, this

40th Anniversary Bust will truly be the centerpiece of your


Retail $295. Bidding starts at P13,500.


Designed by artist Alex Ross, and sculpted by Mike Hill, this is the

definitive version of the Incredible Hulk!

Standing close to 16' tall from top to bottom (including base), and

a foot wide front-to-back and side-to-side! This bust is angry - it

has the look, the feel and the texture of the rampaging Hulk!

Retail $350. Bidding starts at P16,000.


A Diamond Select Release! Just in time for the Punisher major motion

picture starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta comes the Marvel

Milestones Punisher statue from Diamond Select Toys! Standing over

12 inches tall, this ultra-detailed statue was sculpted by Rudy

Garcia and shows Frank Castle, A.K.A The Punisher, standing in front

of his tombstone ejecting empty clips from his guns, ready to punish

the guilty. Painted and ready to display, The Punisher Marvel

Milestones statue is accompanied by a full color, hand-numbered

Certificate of Authenticity. Limited to 2,500 pieces worldwide.

Retail $150. Bidding starts at P6,500.


Based on an original concept maquette study for the Hellboy film,

this polystone statue perfectly captures the demonic-looking, yet

innocent-in-nature personality of Hellboy, as first found by US

soldiers. Standing approx. 16 1/2" tall, with a faux bronze finish,

this is a must have for fans of Hellboy and art alike!

Sculpted by Jose Fernandez

Product Type: Faux Bronze Statue

Product Size: 15.5" (394mm) H x 7" (178mm) D x 10" (254mm) W

Edition Size: 500

Released: October 2004

Retail $150. Bidding starts at P6,000.


Taken straight from a mold for the hand used for stunt work in the

film, this life-size movie-accurate replica of Hellboy's stone hand

is made of a dense rubber material. The foam of the stone hand is

hollow and includes a built-in grip. The display is complete with

black base, featuring the BPRD logo and an engraved nameplate.

Product Type: 1:1 Prop Replica

Product Size: 19" (483mm) H x 10" (254mm) W x 9.5" (241mm) Diameter*

Product Weight: 10.00 lbs (4.32 Kg) *

Limited Edition of 1500

Retail $200. Bidding starts at P8,500.



Sculpted by Sam Greenwell

Base is 7" each side. 6" diameter globe. Overall height 9"

Features 4 of Spiderman's villains as gargoyles: venom, the lizard,

green goblin, hobgoblin.

Retail $150. Bidding starts at P5,600.


Spider-Man trapped by the bonds of the Green Goblin as the two

enemies are locked in mortal combat is captured here as an amazing 8

½" bust - the most amazing Spidey Bust ever produced!

Based on classic Spider-Man designs and art by the legendary John

Romita Sr. and sculpted by the ridiculously talented Greg Aronowitz

this Bust depicts the Wall-Crawler as he appeared in issues 39 and

40 Of The Amazing Spider-Man! Straining against the bonds of his

captor - the Green Goblin! Standing well over 8 in height this bust

IS the definitive Spider-Man! Spider-Man Unmasked as Peter Parker

with a variant head sculpt! In homage to the classic image of the

Green Goblin taking off Spider-Man's mask to reveal . . . Peter

Parker! This limited edition bust features a different head-sculpt

limited to only 300 production units.

Retail $150. Bidding starts at P2,000.


A Diamond Select Release! Diamond Select Toys unleashes the latest

release from its hit Marvel Milestones statue line with the

Daredevil Statue! The Marvel Milestones: Daredevil Statue depicts

the House of Ideas' "Man Without Fear" crouching vigilant atop a

Gothic building, scanning for criminals in the city below. This

statue was sculpted by Art Asylum's Eli Livingston is based on Joe

Quesada's beautifully stylized artwork from Daredevil: Father stands

approximately 16" tall from the base to the top of the building's

cross comes painted and ready to display is limited to 2,500 pieces


includes a full-color, hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Bidding starts at P15,000.


It doesn't matter if her opponent has the strength, because Elektra

has the sais!

Measuring 10 inches tall and made of cold-cast porcelain, this

sensational statue features Elektra wielding a pair of real metal

sais! Clothed in a deep red that starkly contrasts with the pale

white of her skin, the beautiful but tragic Elektra stands focused

and ready for battle. Hand painted and individually cast, this

marvelous sculpture was limited to a production run of 2500 pieces.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Bidding starts at P8,000.


Third replica in a series! Following the 1950s and 1960s BATMOBILE

REPLICAS, DC Direct introduces the 1940s version! Its blinding

headlights split the darkness, its powerful engine little more than

a hum against the clamor of the Gotham City nights! Now, the world-

famous car that patrolled Gotham throughout the 1940s is brought to

life with the BATMOBILE REPLICA: 1940s EDITION.

This replica measures approximately 11" long, 4" wide and 4" tall,

is set on a deco base and features a 4-color logo backdrop card.

This replica features light-up headlights, front running lights,

tail lights, rear running lights, interior lights and light-up eyes

of the Bat-emblem. Also included with the vehicle is a title

document, instruction sheet, and a blueprint measuring 22" x 16"

that is suitable for framing. Packaged in a 4-color box.

Retail $195. Bidding starts at P9.000.


The Original Green Lantern

Summoned to a crashed spaceship by the dying alien Abin Sur, Hal

Jordan was presented with the ring of power and became the Green

Lantern, one of a band of intergalactic peacekeepers.

Entrusted with the mighty power ring of a dying alien, test pilot

Hal Jordan became the legendary cosmic defender known as the Green

Lantern. Favored for his honesty and fearless energy, Jordan both

impressed his peers and intimidated his adversaries with his

extraordinary feats of heroism in the face of certain peril. But the

emerald power ring responsible for his remarkable gifts had

limitations and could only function when recharged every 24 hours

using his power battery. In this authentically and artistically

sculpted statue, Hal Jordan is shown in a timeless pose holding his

power battery next to a bench containing his casebook and flight

uniform, grim and determined, ready for any new challenges that

await him.

Sculpted by William Paquet

Limited Edition

Hand Painted, Cold Cast Porcelain

Approx. 12'' T x 4.5'' W x 7.5'' D

Packaged in a 4 color box

Limited to 1700 worldwide

Retail $195. Bidding starts at P9,000.


Based on the spectacular original KINGDOM COME SHAZAM! STATUE

designed and sculpted by KINGDOM COME artist Alex Ross, this statue

is now available in a new, full-color version! The KINGDOM COME FULL-

COLOR SHAZAM! STATUE is a powerful portrayal of the World's

Mightiest Mortal as he appeared in the epic and groundbreaking comic-

book series. The statue is cold-cast porcelain, standing

approximately 9" tall (smaller than the previously-offered

monochrome version) on a base with a brass nameplate and comes with

a DC Comics Certificate of Authenticity. Packaged in a 4-color box.

Final product may differ from image shown.

Sculpted and designed by Alex Ross.

Retail $150. Bidding starts at P5,400.


Limited to 2,500 pieces, each visor comes fully assembled, painted,

ready to display and includes batteries. A full-color, hand-numbered

Certificate of Authenticity comes packaged with each Cyclops Replica


Mutant, leader, husband, matter what role he's filling,

Cyclops must always wear his ruby-quartz eyewear or he'll destroy

whatever he sees! Scott Summers' body collects solar radiation and

transforms it into powerful optic bursts, which emanate from his

eyes. Unable to control these powerful energies without the aid of

special equipment, Scott turns to Professor Charles Xavier for help.

Using ruby-quartz, Xavier invents a visor which allows Summers to

adjust the intensity and focus of his blasts, and the X-Man known as

Cyclops is born. Now Diamond Select Toys and Industrial Zoo bring

this life-sized 1:1 scale replica of the Cyclops Visor to fans

everywhere! The third piece in the life-sized replica line, the

Cyclops Visor features a light-up "optic blast" feature, and comes

with a display base, which features the X-Men logo.

Retail $175. Bidding starts at 7,500.

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Great AUCTION Heroes

Name: The Great AUCTION HEREOES: An event to slaughter all other events!

Date: November 26-28, 2004

Battle Site: South Court (in front of Fully Booked), The Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City

Bounty: Extreme figurines, rare comics and graphic novel editions of the most notorious villains, noblest heroes and the

deadliest femme fatales of the universe

Options: Choose to participate in a Silent or a Live Auction or BOTH!


Viewing and Pre-registration on November 26-27

Friday-Saturday, 12nn-8pm

Silent and Live Bidding on November 28 (sunday) 2pm-8pm

*For more information, contact the Fully Booked Marketing Department at 751-0381 to 83.

click photo below to view flyer postcard.





Saturday, November 20, 2004

Events and Convention News

as posted by : Omake Omake News Philippines

November 28 - The Great Auction Heroes, Rockwell Powerplant Mall

December 4 - Una KAme , 1st collegiate Anime fair @ UP Bahay ng Alumni

December 11 - Animo Rockathon @ Gasoline Alley, Robinson's Galleria

December - Filcosplay Xmas Party 2004

January 2005 - G2 con @ SM Megatradehall 1, 2 (3 days convention) visit

February 2005 -convention

May 2005 - U GOT GAME PRO

May 2005 - New Worlds 3 - Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

June 2005 - 3rd Philippine Toys, Hobbies, Collectibles Convention (Toycon PH)

event date might change with out prior notice

some of the events here are not yet approved for an exact date.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Filipino cosplayers inspires USA

TOYCON 2004 showed the USA and other countries what we have in our convention.

The Americans are really impressed in our cosplay or costume play, and they liked how we managed our events here.

TOYCON 2004 was featured in the magazine October 2004 issue. It was a blast after the San Diego Comic Convention feature.

Because of that.. Lee Toys and Review Magazine of USA will publish and include cosplay topics and photos of Filipino Cosplayer every month in their magazine

Azrael Coladilla and Vic Yap, two of the organizers of the TOYCON 2004 will promote the event and the cosplay. by that, the best cosplayers of the Philippines will be featured every month in the magazine.

TOYCON 2004 is the first convention event that has received a positive response globally.

watch out for TOYCON will be the best of all con in the Philippines. This fan event supports not only toys, it also give a big support on anime, comic, movies, games, indie scene, music, cosplay and its a pop culture convention with a Filipino twist.

coming soon!

4th Philippine Toys, hobbies and collectibles convention