Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Filipino cosplayers inspires USA

TOYCON 2004 showed the USA and other countries what we have in our convention.

The Americans are really impressed in our cosplay or costume play, and they liked how we managed our events here.

TOYCON 2004 was featured in the magazine October 2004 issue. It was a blast after the San Diego Comic Convention feature.

Because of that.. Lee Toys and Review Magazine of USA will publish and include cosplay topics and photos of Filipino Cosplayer every month in their magazine

Azrael Coladilla and Vic Yap, two of the organizers of the TOYCON 2004 will promote the event and the cosplay. by that, the best cosplayers of the Philippines will be featured every month in the magazine.

TOYCON 2004 is the first convention event that has received a positive response globally.

watch out for TOYCON will be the best of all con in the Philippines. This fan event supports not only toys, it also give a big support on anime, comic, movies, games, indie scene, music, cosplay and its a pop culture convention with a Filipino twist.

coming soon!

4th Philippine Toys, hobbies and collectibles convention


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